Domino 9 beta on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server

This year is the first time I missed Lotusphere 2013/IBM Connect 2013 since 2003. Unfortunately, a number of family things takes higher priority. However, this has given me the opportunity to upgrade our servers and also install Domino 9 beta for testing. Domino 9 I see is an important step towards our new release of our iPhora Framework. I have been using Domino 8.51 with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for awhile. However, each time I attempted to install Domino 8.53 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS the start up script would have problems. Since Ubuntu 12.04-1 LTS is now available, my goal was to see if I can use Upstart that was mentioned by Stephen Wissel Upstart to run the start up script. Unfortunately, after many tries, I was not able to get the start up script working. I need to research Upstart more. So I went back to the Daniel Nashed's start script which I was having problems with on 10.04 LTS and Domino 8.53. I happy to say that Daniel's start up script worked very well with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and with Domino 8.53 and Domino 9. For Domino 9, you will need to change the variable location of the start of script from /opt/ibm/lotus/bin to /opt/ibm/domino/bin . Have fun everyone at IBMConnect 2013.


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