Friday, December 21, 2007

Saturday, December 15, 2007

December GRANITE Lotus User Group

On a lighter note, the December 2007 GRANITE Lotus User Group meeting was a success. We had about 30 people in our meeting. IBM covered the Lotus Notes Traveler with Mobile Connect, Lotus Symphony and the Symphony Toolkit plus what coming in Lotus Notes 8.01. I also presented how you can create composite application for the classic Lotus Notes client (Lotus Notes 8 Basic, 7, 6.5, 6, and 5) which I will outline in detail on my blog in the coming week. I would like to thank all our presenters and sponsors. With special thanks to IBM for letting us host the meetings that their beautiful downtown facility here in Chicago. We had a very successful year with over 17 presentation from members, vendors, and IBM. Sadly, this was my last year for organizing the meeting as Vice President. I have been elected as President of GRANITE and hand off the duties of Vice President to Ben Ordonez of Gamma Partners.

Interface from Hell

Regardless of technology if an interface is poorly designed, the usability of the technology is compromised. I do not care if it was built using Commodore Basic, Web 1.0, or Web 2.0, if it is poorly designed people are not going to use it or will get extremely frustrated. Case in point. I use online banking from by bank for the past year and have tolerated their stupid interface because of its convenience. However, this week's problems really broke the camel's back. I discovered with horror that my online monthly payment for a key payment was not sent. So I had to immediately call the company to issue a payment and apologize for not getting the payment to them on time. After fixing that problem, I started investigating why this payment did not go through. The account was active and set to monthly payments as I had set. Everything seem to be fine. There was plenty of funds in the checking account. It said click here to learn why the payment was not made. So I did and the results was blank, of course I could have guessed that. I tried to get an online chat with customer service, but of course their site was down. I finally contacted my personal banker and she got hold of a live person. The online banking person said that the monthly payments was turned off and had expired which I could not understand since I just set it a couple of months ago. She said that it expired and the information was available online. I was skeptical. So I search for over an hour and there was no information indicating that the payment had expired. There was no information on the status of the account at all. In fact, I discovered there was no interface even to change your payment from a monthly payment to a one time payment if I needed to. Also there is no interface that display all the key information in one location, you had to hunt through 4 levels of screens in order to find one piece of information and go back to the home page and go through another multi-level set of screens to get another piece of information. The only way I could find to change an account from monthly payment to a one-time payment was to delete the account and reenter the information. How stupid!!!

As a results, the bank now has one pissed off customer. A piece of software can be the most powerful application on the planet, but if it is going to be used by humans, companies must invest into human interface design. If not, it is just a bunch of 0s and 1s.

Monday, December 3, 2007

GRANITE Lotus User Group Presentation

If you can make it, please come and join us at the December 2007 GRANITE Lotus Notes User Group next Monday, December 10. This is our special holiday meeting. We are fortunate enough to have IBM give a presentation on the up and coming IBM Lotus Symphony, IBM Lotus Traveler, IBM Lotus Notes 8.01, and IBM Mobile Connect. For more information go to GRANITE.

Also, I will be presenting and demonstrating some of the different techniques you can use to create composite applications on older Notes clients to improve the end-user experience. I will demonstrate it on the Notes 8 basic and 7/6.5/6. I was hoping to do it even on the Notes 5 client but I cannot find my CDs. After the presentation next week, I will post the techniques here on my blog.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Embedded Web Page

I finally had time to play with Nathan Freeman's embedded frameset technique that he posted on his blog awhile back. He has on his web site his Sesame Street demo that he created. It is a really cool idea that he came up with. So I thought I could expand on this technique and demonstrate how you could use this technique to embed a web page within a Lotus Notes document.

I thought a good demo would be embedding Google Map onto a Lotus Notes document. This would be great to have in something like a contact management system. Rather than having it pop up in a new Lotus Notes window, you could have the Google Map appear inside the document. Using the technique that Alan Lepofsky mentioned on his blog, google mapping technique, you can combine the two techniques to create an embed Google Map.

Since Google Map does not look too good in a small embedded window, I created it as a pop up window within the document using layers.

I have included the code for this in the sample database. link Here is how it works.

In the form “URLaddress,” I created a series of fields that represents the contact information for a person. There is also a hotspot that will be used to display Google Map for that contact.

Just as with the Sesame Street demo we created a frameset that has a hidden frame named “launcher.” We create a form named “secondform” that autoframes in the hidden frame, “launcher.” In the form “URLaddress” we create a layer that has an embedded editor that displays the form “secondform.” This will force the frameset to appear within the embedded editor in the form. The layer serves as a pop up window and its appearance is determined by the value in the field “closeField”.

When you click on the hotspot on the form “URLaddress” it will calculate the Google URL for the contact location. This information is then stored in a notes.ini parameter “URLFIELD.” The field “closeField” which determine if the pop up layer is shown is set to “1” and the document is refreshed. When the document is refreshed, the embedded frameset appears.

The main frame of the frameset displays an URL that is either a blank Lotus Notes page, “blankpage” or the Google Map URL that was stored in the notes.ini parameter “URLFIELD”.

Unfortunately, one issue that has come up is that if the Web page has an input field in it, the focus will remain there until you close off the Web page. The backspace and cursor keys will not work otherwise. Therefore, in the X close button in the pop up layer, the code clears the notes.ini parameter when you close the pop up layer so that when you refresh the page the web page is closed.

There is a number of different things that you could do with this technique including creating composite applications. So try it and thank Nathan Freeman for his embedded frameset technique. Next time, composite applications even on Notes 5 clients.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Transformers Musical Score

Now that the new Transformers movie has come out on DVD for a few weeks, my son has watched the movie at least a couple of dozen times. The movie is not bad. But after watching it with him, I got hook on the musical score. It is great mix of fast pace scores and haunting music. The first Transformers soundtrack was bad that came out just after the movie was released. It was just a brunch of songs most of which were not even in the movie. The new soundtrack that came out last month is fantastic. The composer is Steve Jablonsky who done as number of movie most of which I have never seen.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

We Are Back

It has been a few years since our training company, ReCor Corporation, has exhibited at Lotusphere. There was not much demand for Lotus Notes training for the past few years since the Notes interface didn't really change much. But we are back for Lotusphere 2008. With the new Notes 8 interface, it was logical for us to exhibit our new Domino-based Notes training solutions. We will be exhibiting our LearningDocs for Lotus Notes 8 and Domino Web Access 8 training courses. We made major additions to the products. We improved our Java-based Enrave tools to simulate the Notes 8 environment. We will be at booth 533 either under our ReCor or Taishan Works company name. Either way stop by our booth. We will also be demonstrating our SOA-based Integrated Business Framework technology. Since we were turned down for Lotusphere, we will be presenting our SOA methodologies in the GRANITE Lotus User Group in 2008 instead.

Having a booth at Lotusphere has its advantages but also has its disadvantages. Unfortunately, being at the booth will give me less time going to sessions.

See everyone at Lotusphere.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Turn down again: Lotusphere Abstract

Hi Everyone,

It has been a long time since I blog. I have been too busy working on a number of customer projects. Sadly, I have learned over the weekend that we have been turned down again on our Lotusphere abstract submission, "SOA, Not Just for the Web." I thought it was been a great session given the direction that Notes and Domino is moving towards. Just like the Chicago Cubs, there is always next year.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Finally Vacation

With our IBF Portal finally completed, I can finally spend some time away from all the technology and enjoy one of the things that I like to do, hiking. This year instead of going to places like Zion National Park and Grand Canyon, our family went to a place close by that I found out about last year, Pictured Rock National Lakeshore in Michigan, Upper Peninsula. This place has great hiking trails. Weather was pretty good with the exception of Thursday morning which was cloudy, rainy, and extremely wind. I was expecting 80 degree weather but with the wind and rain it was more like 50s. I had to quickly go buy some heavier clothes. I only had shorts and t-shirts. We stayed at Munising which is right next to Pictured Rock. It is a nice small town. The motel we stayed at was Sunset Motel by the Bay. It is a small family run motel that look like nothing but it was clean and very nice. I have been to many fancy and expensive hotels during my many hotels stays. This beat most of them. I was tired of going out for breakfast, lunch and dinner when I was on vacation. So with a full kitchen we could cook when every we wanted to. They also had grills for us to cook outside with all the tools and equipment you needed.

The best of all the motel was right on the Munising Bay which is part of Lake Superior. It had an incredible view. As you can see, there is a reason why it is called Sunset Motel. It had its own private beach. It is the only hotel or motel on the lake.

View from Sunset Motel

Pictured Rock was beautiful with many water falls and beaches. I highly recommend Pictured Rock for hiking and camping. If you want to stay there, I also highly recommend Sunset Motel.

If you are there, take the Pictured Rock boat tour. It is very nice. However, since Lake Superior is a very cold lake be sure to bring heavy clothing. It will get very cold.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Ugly Duckling

It has been a long time since I blogged. It has been a very busy late spring and summer. We are finally completing our IBF Portal module that handles all interactive between a user and the Integrated Business Framework components on the Domino server. For years now Notes has been the "Ugly Duckling" of the IT world and both pro and con Notes users have complained about it. The new Notes 8 interface will bring a great new look and feel that has been lacking for years in the Notes interface. However, the standard version of Notes 8 also has a much heavier hardware requirement especially with Vista. For companies that have older hardware or will not be able to have the necessary hardware soon, they can upgrade to Notes 8 basic but it still has the same interface that everyone complains about.

In the last beta, IBM has done a great job in improving the loading speed of the client but not as fast as the Notes basic client. But the Basic client has an advantage, speed. Since it is smaller and lighter than standard client, it runs faster and load faster even if you have older hardware. Given the size of the standard client it will be interesting how fast the Nomad 8 client will be. USB 2.0 is only so fast. Yes, it is true that the Notes 8 basic client can not provide you access to some of the new capabilities. This is a trade off that most organizations will need to assess in the future.

But not to despair, for current users using 6.5 and 7 and future users of Notes 8 basic, Notes does not need to be a "Ugly Duckling." It takes thinking out of the box and the understanding what Notes can truly do. When developing the IBF Portal, we needed to have an interface that worked not only for large Notes organizations but for small organizations whom might never have used Notes, but was familiar with Microsoft. We wanted an interface that could work with our IBF applications and with applications developed by other organizations. The interface needed to work in a hosted environment and on a local server environment. It had to run well not only in a LAN environment but also on the Web. And here is the results. I will talk more about the techniques and tricks over the course of the next few months.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Vertical Preview Pane

One of the new capabilities that has been featured in Notes 8 mail is the ability to have a vertical preview pane of your message. This feature emulates what has been found in Outlook for many years. As I was developing an interface for our contact management system, I discovered that this capability has been in Notes all along at least Notes 7 and most likely in Notes 6 and Notes 6.5. There are two critical factors to get this to work. First, you need to create a frameset that has two frames that has been split vertically. In the first frame, set the frame to the view that you would like to display.

Next, name the second frame to a given name that you would like. For example, "NotesPreview". Second, in the property box set of the first frame set "Default Target Links in Frame" to the name of the second frame.

As a result, when you click on a document in the view, a preview of the will be previewed in the second frame, vertically.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lotusphere Comes to You - Toronto

After flying to Buffalo on my favorite airline, Southwest Airlines and driving a couple of hours I am here at Lotusphere Comes to You - Toronto. Last night my brother-in-law took me to an all you can eat sushi restaurant and of course like most things in Toronto it is run by a Chinese family. Unlike other all you can eat sushi restaurants, this restaurant was very good. It was not a buffet. You choose from a menu and they make it when you need it and the price was great compared to Chicago. The place is called Yang's Sushi Restaurant in Markham, ON. So if you are in the area and like sushi you will like it.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Notes and SMB

On Ed Brill's blog link for the past few days that has been a long discussion about Notes and the small business market and whether IBM is addressing this market effectively with the new product offerings that are in the pipeline this summer. The blog has progressed into the discussion about the Notes Basic client which has been a point of long discussion for me in many blogs. If you have seen the Notes 8 Basic beta client, you will find that it is pretty much the Notes 7 client with some improvements. I do not see signficant investment in improving the Notes 8 Basic client in the future. Whether it exist in the future I do not know. I truely understand the direction that IBM is moving forward for Notes 8. It may not address the needs of some small businesses (under 500), but it is a direction that best fits the medium and large businesses that makes up a major of IBM's clients.

As a business partner who focuses primarily on the true small business market, I understand that the direction may not meet the needs of small businesses. Yes, there are the exceptions that might require tools like Websphere Portal Express, but the majority of the small business are not at that stage and could not afford the overall cost. In the small business market, Notes and Exchange is competing against a much faster moving and competitve market than the enterprise market. The reason is that there are much more options for small businesses. That aside, Lotus Notes and Domino still offers to small businesses a significant competitive advantage over other solutions.

It is up to us as Notes users and business partners in the small business community to drive improvements to meet the needs of small business, whether that is involves improving the Notes Basic client or new products and solutions gears towards the small business market.

I would like to hear from individuals in small businesses that are using Lotus Notes and Domino on what improvements that you would like to see in Notes and Domino so business partners like ourselves and others can provide products and solutions that will not only support the continue use of Lotus Notes but also allow it to expand its role in your small business.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Why use Notes, Security

Web-based applications provide great convenience in allowing you to use any computer with a Web browser to access an application. However, it comes at a price. Again it has been announced that there are more security holes in browsers running Javascript,Javascript hole. With everyone building Web applications using AJAX, this announcement may have a impact on the security of AJAX applications. The Notes client may not be as convenient as the Web browser, but I will take security over convenience. In the world of the Web and Web applications, Notes and Domino still provides a better and much more secured solution for companies.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Securing Views

As within any Notes applications, a good Notes programmer tries to minimize the number of views in a database. Regardless of the database there will be views and some are hidden. However, hidden view are really not hidden and an experience Notes user can use the Goto Shift Control and all the hidden views can be listed and accessed which is really no security at all. We wanted to prevent users or any other unwanted individuals to open the document or even right click on the document to open the document properties box and look at the content of the field. We decided to research want we could do to prevent unwanted individuals to access the information. We tried hiding the columns, but you could still right click and get the document properties box. If you place continue=false in the queryopendocument in the view that would prevent users from double clicking to open the document but users could still right click and get the document properties. However, if you place continue=false in the queryopen of the view, the view itself can never be open and users can never see the document. You can use this method to determine who can have access to the view. This method seems to work well. If anybody have an comments on how secure this is let me know.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Initial Review of Notes 8 Beta 2

I spent the past few days playing with the Notes 8 beta 2 both the Standard version (eclipse) and the Basic version (w32 C++). My review here is based only on the UI and not the other features that are available in the new version of Notes 8. In addition, this is the my first review. My review was done on a Thinkpad T41 with 1Gbytes of memory with Windows XP SP1. The Domino server that I used to make this review is an Domino 6.53 server.

Notes 8 Standard client:
As I understand it, the standard version is an Eclipse wrapper around the Notes Basic client. If I am wrong, please correct me. Even with the much larger footprint, the standard version perform pretty well on a machine that is not dual-core. The interface looks very good, though there are a number of quirks that I assume will be fixed in the final release. I did discovered and reported a number of bugs, but that is normal since this is a beta. I was disappointed to discover that there is no storage of the productivity documents into Notes out of the box. I guess that will be coming with Quickr. However there are a few things that I do not like about Notes 8 Standard. I do not like in particular the Open button. What appears on the list should be programmed either by the administrator or set by the user. Every single bookmark seems to show up in the list. Since I upgraded from a Notes 6.5 client, I have over 300 items listed in various folders. This is annoying. Our applications and probably many others have a primary launching application from which other applications start from. I only want a icon for the launching application.

Application launched from the sidebar like the RSS reader as a separate window should remain like the info box in front of the Notes 8 client. It was a pain in the butt to have to switch back and forward between the window and Notes client. In the RSS reader, when you open the feed it should appear in the same window instead of being in a new Notes tab.

Notes 8 Basic client:
The basic client looks and feels like Notes 7 with the exception of inline spell checking, nicer icons, and changes to the menu arrangement to match the standard client menu. I was disappointed to see that a number of UI improvements that are in the standard client was not in this client. Technically, I do not know why it could not have been in this client. Since this client is smaller and lighter it does run faster. Though it looks like Notes 7, there are still a few bugs in this client when it comes to UI specially with javascript and Notes windows.

These are my initial comments for the Notes 8 beta 2 standard and basic client. I will be setting up Domino 8 in the next few weeks and report back to you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Monday, March 12, 2007

Lotus Notes 8 Beta

I finally was able to download Notes and Domino 8. You definitely need to have a download manager. I tried a number of times, but the servers were so busy. Now I have to build a Windows 2003 server for it.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Industrial Design and Notes UI Design

I am writing this for the second time. Just as I was about to finish editing this, Windows XP crashed on me and I lost everything!!! After pounding on the bed for a few times, I am rewriting this again but clicking on the save button about every minute.

Yesterday, my son turned 18. It seems like it was only yesterday that I graduated from college and now my son is attending college this fall. Oh do I feel old. He got accepted to three of the top industrial design schools and my wife and I have spent the past few months visiting and evaluating with him the different schools. Finally, last week he made a decision on which school he is attending this fall. The field of industrial design combines art, visual form, understanding of the manufacturing process, user interaction, and human psychology to create a product. His skills of drawing and painting combined with his good skills in math and science with give him a good chance to success in this very tough field.

As I worked with my son on learning more about industrial design, I realized that being an industrial designer is very similar to being Notes UI designer. An industrial designer needs to bring together the visual beauty of art and form to create a product while understanding the limitations of the manufacturing process and the needs of users. If the industrial designer just focuses on creating a product based on art and form and not take into account whether it can be built or if users want it, then the product is just fantasy.

As a Notes UI designer if we had all the UI design tools that Web developers have we can design and build great and beautiful interfaces. However, like industrial designers that need to consider the manufacturing process and materials, we are too limited in what we can do in Lotus Notes given all the restrictions of Notes and UI functionalities that are limited or broken.

But like a good industrial designer, a good Notes UI designer needs to think out of the box in order to create an interface that no one thought could be done. If you missed Chris Blatnick and Nathan T. Freeman's talk at Lotusphere on UI design and user interaction, I encourage you to go to their blog, Interface Matters and Escape Velocity to learn more about user interface design techniques for Lotus Notes.

Our Domino-based application products that we develop "Integrated Business Framework" are marketed primarily to the small business market. In this market, the biggest competitor is Microsoft whom makes significant investments in the development of their UI. Therefore, we could not provide the standard Notes interface to be competitive. We needed to develop a user interface that was much more functional and simpler for the user. As the market shifts for IBM more towards the SMB, the standard Notes interfaces that were useable in the enterprise market will not make the cut in the SMB market where competition is much more fierce and visual appearance and functionality is very important.

Since my son finally made his college decision, I can now spend more time blogging. I will start presenting a number of techniques that we have developed for our products that other can use in their applications. Nathan had presented one of many techniques that we have developed, link. One point I would like to make is that when designing Notes UI interfaces it is not just about the look and feel of the front end, the way you store data in your application at the back end is just as critical. Until next time.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Lotusphere Comes to You - Chicago

Lotusphere Comes To You - Chicago was very well attended. I believed that there was over 200 attendees at this show. However, traffic at the Partner Showcase was very limited. I wish that there was a sign telling the attendees where the Partner Showcase was that would have helped. I am glad to see all the interest in Lotus Notes. I hope this translates to increase awareness in the non-Notes community that Notes is not only alive but is growing. A direct advertisement of Lotus Notes on network TV would squash any Microsoft BS about Notes being dead.

I was glad to see that there was more interest in the SMB market from IBM. Let's hope this translates to more support in the whitespace area.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nomad Rocks

Finally I have been able to catch a breath. I have been very busy for the past few weeks trying to get ready for the Lotusphere Comes To You. New versions our IBF products are being rolled out and will be demoed at the show. Taishan Works is exhibiting here in Chicago plus also at Toronto. So if you are attending any of these two LCTY stop by.

We had a very good GRANITE user group meeting a couple of weeks ago. I would like to thank Teamstudio for sponsoring our meeting. We also like to thank Ron Shoults for demonstrating how to install Nomad.

I finally took the time to install Nomad for myself since we do a lot of development and need to check if the products works on both Notes 6.5 and Notes 7. This is very handy for moving back and forward between versions. There does not seem to be much differences between versions, but I must tell you when it comes to UI development there are a number of things that will catch you by surprise. At a later time, I will provide a list of these differences we have encountered.

After installing Nomad onto my USB drive, I took the time to review the files and compared it with a normal installation. Since I had a number of 256 Mbyte USB drives and they are now dirt cheap, I was wondering if it was possible to run Nomad on a USB drive with only 256 Mbytes. And the answer is YES. I never noticed but there are a significant number of files that are really not necessary for the Lotus Notes client to work. So far I have brought the Notes client down from 380 Mbytes to about 190 Mbytes. I will have to do extensive testing to determine if I did not eliminate something important. But so far so good. I will let everyone know.

One issue that I have with Nomad is that if you use the USB drive in different computers that have different number of drives on the computer, Lotus Notes will not autorun when you plug in the USB drive since the autorun.ini will not have the right drive letter. It would be nice if the USB drive will autorun and detect what drive it is and then run Lotus Notes. Besides that Nomad is great. I hope this feature is available in Notes 8.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thanks Nathan

It was very nice of Nathan Freeman to post our window launching in a view technique that we developed. He did a nice job in enhancing our technique and using it as part of a help system. Thanks Nathan.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

-25 Wind Chill, 4" of Snow and Flat Tire

Yesterday was an ordeal. After leave the office and getting to my van, I notice that my tire was flat. Changing a tire in the dark with a wind chill of -25 F and with 4" of snow and ice is frustrating. The jack kept slipping because of all the ice and twisted out of shaped. It was so cold that the jack kit was frozen and I had to turn on the heat in the car to thaw it out. A 15 minutes job became 1.5 hours. Thankfully, my wife was off work and I was able to change the tire. Nothing like Chicago weather. Now more bad new, need new tires. Can not figure out what I ran over.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Launching a Window from a View

Nathan T. Freeman and Chris Blatnick was planning on presenting an UI technique that we developed for our Integrated Business Framework products at their presentation at Lotusphere 2007 but unfortunately there was not enough time. Nathan and Chris did a great job in demonstrating the importance of UI design. So I am posting it here. Below is a description of how it works and a sample database that demos it. Link It has been tested in Notes 6, 6.5, and Notes 7. Credit to this technique should be given to Robert Burton from our development team.

Though Lotus Notes had the tab window concept way before Firefox and Microsoft IE, we dislike how it works because you can open window after window and pretty soon you might have a dozen windows open. If you open a document in a view same thing happens. The user can start losing track of their task. Instead, we wanted the user to focus on the task in hand. You could have launched it in a different frame, but screen real estate is limited especially at a resolution of 1024 x 768. So we developed this technique for opening a document, form, or frameset in a separate window. This technique also works for opening a document or form in a dialog box.

In this technique, when you double click to open a document in a view, the document will open in a new Notes window that is separate from the existing Notes tab window. How does this work? First, we create a frameset with two frames. The view is display in one frame and the other frame we display a blank form or page and we make this frame very small.

This technique utilizes the ability of a view to open a document using a different form through form formulas. What we do is place the information about the form we want to launch in the form formula of the view and store it in the Notes.ini during the double click target event of the view. This information includes the document ID and name of the form that you would like to display. The information is passed to a launching form through environment variables when you double click on the document in the view. The view opens a launching form instead using the form formula and it opens up in frame that you can make very small (I-frame Web analogy). Contained in the launching form is code to launch a dialog box or a javascript window. The onload process of the launching form reads the environment variable that you set when you double clicked on the document in the view and determines the document and form to use for display. For a javascript window we create a Notes URL from the information to launch the new window and for a dialog box we use the document ID and form to get a handle to the document and open the dialog box.

In the demo, launch the frameset and double click on the document in the view.

GRANITE Lotus Notes User Group Meeting, February 12

We finally completed the agenda for the GRANITE User Group Meeting. The meeting will include Lotusphere 2007 wrap up, Lotus Notes 7 Nomad, presentations from TeamStudio, and a hold bunch of other goodies. So come to the meeting if you are in the area.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Cold and getting colder

It has been a week since I came back from Lotusphere and I already miss it. It is getting colder and colder here in Chicago. It is going to be down to -10F tonight with a wind chill of -30F. It happens ever year when I get back from Lotusphere, the temperature drops.


I finally decided to create my own blog. This site is dedicated to Lotus Notes and Domino, the development of Notes UI, Domino Web development, the use of Lotus Notes and Domino for small businesses, the marketing of Lotus Notes and Domino to small businesses, and whatever I would like to talk about.