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MWLUG 2013 - Crowne Plaza Hotel Online Hotel Discount Expires August 1, 2013

The MWLUG 2013 online guaranteed discount of $139 for a double at the Crowne Plaza Hotel - Downtown will expire on August 1, 2013.  Afterwards, you will have to call and see if there is available rooms.  So make sure you book your room before August 1, 2013.  We are four weeks away from the start of MWLUG 2013 so make sure you register as soon as your can.  We will be announcing the Thursday Evening Event next week. To register for MWLUG 2013, please go to our web site:

Announcing the MWLUG 2013 OGS Speaker, From the Indianapolis Colts ...

We are very please to announce the MWLUG 2013 Opening General Speaker will be former US Marine, Author, and Indianapolis Colts Community Spokeperson, Josh Bleill.   Josh the author of  One Step at a Time: A Young Marine's Story of Courage, Hope, and a New Life in the NFL present about building a Community. Along with Scott Souder our MWLUG 2013 IBM OGS speaker, Josh will deliver our Opening General Session. Special thanks to Sam Bridegroom one of our Indianapolis MWLUG team members for making this possible. Josh Bleill, Indianapolis Colts Community Spokesperson   Marine Corporal Josh Bleill [Bly-ul; rhymes with “Kyle” or “smile”] is a native of Greenfield, Indiana. After graduating high school, Josh attended Purdue University . Upon completion of his education, Josh decided to serve his country by joining the United States Marine Corps in 2004, and was activated for a tour of duty in Iraq in 2006. While serving in Iraq , Corporal Bleill was severely injured, resul

Announcing the MWLUG 2013 Sessions

We are please to post the sessions for MWLUG 2013.  We will be adding a few more sessions to this list as we get everything together for this conference.  MWLUG 2013 will have over 40+ sessions and workshops with a $35.00 donation.  For a list of the current MWLUG 2013 sessions go to: To register for MWLUG 2013 go to: