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Finally Vacation

With our IBF Portal finally completed, I can finally spend some time away from all the technology and enjoy one of the things that I like to do, hiking. This year instead of going to places like Zion National Park and Grand Canyon, our family went to a place close by that I found out about last year, Pictured Rock National Lakeshore in Michigan, Upper Peninsula. This place has great hiking trails. Weather was pretty good with the exception of Thursday morning which was cloudy, rainy, and extremely wind. I was expecting 80 degree weather but with the wind and rain it was more like 50s. I had to quickly go buy some heavier clothes. I only had shorts and t-shirts. We stayed at Munising which is right next to Pictured Rock. It is a nice small town. The motel we stayed at was Sunset Motel by the Bay. It is a small family run motel that look like nothing but it was clean and very nice. I have been to many fancy and expensive hotels during my many hotels stays. This beat most of t

The Ugly Duckling

It has been a long time since I blogged. It has been a very busy late spring and summer. We are finally completing our IBF Portal module that handles all interactive between a user and the Integrated Business Framework components on the Domino server. For years now Notes has been the "Ugly Duckling" of the IT world and both pro and con Notes users have complained about it. The new Notes 8 interface will bring a great new look and feel that has been lacking for years in the Notes interface. However, the standard version of Notes 8 also has a much heavier hardware requirement especially with Vista. For companies that have older hardware or will not be able to have the necessary hardware soon, they can upgrade to Notes 8 basic but it still has the same interface that everyone complains about. In the last beta, IBM has done a great job in improving the loading speed of the client but not as fast as the Notes basic client. But the Basic client has an advantage, speed. Sin