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GRANITE Lotus User Group - December 2008 Meeting

We have a great meeting coming up for our August 2008 GRANITE meeting, December 8, 2008. It is our holiday meeting and we will be having a special luncheon during our meeting at the IBM Center. But before we stuff ourselves with good food, we will be covering four topics at the IBM Center covering: Using Social Networking Software in Your Business IBM Lotus Protector GRANITE Board of Director Elections Improving the GRANITE Web Site If you are in the area and would like to attend both the meeting and the buffet lunch please let us know by December 4 since we need to get a head count. Here is the link to the web site about the meeting. GRANITE December 2008 Meeting

Wow, Didn't See this Coming

Over the past couple of days I have been trying to trace a bug in my code without any resolution, until today. Wasted days of precious time. I trace down the issue and discovered it was the result of another odd behavior of Lotus Notes. I do not know if this applies to other versions of Lotus Notes, but I can guess it does. In the Lotuscript database class, NotesDatabase, the property Notesdatabase.Server is used often. It should return the server name in the following format: CN=Acme01/O=Acme This is fine, but if you get the same property in a dialog box, you WILL NOT get the same format. Instead the format is: Acme01/Acme So when I was parsing the server name I would get different results causing a chain of errors that resulted in hours of time tracing the error in code that has been working for years. What a pain. As we push Notes and Domino more and more into a new level, we are finding more and more things to watch out for.

New GRANITE Lotus User Group Web Site

Finally, after talking about it for months, GRANITE Lotus User Group has a new Web site. The previous site was based on Quickplace and when the host migrated to Quickr 8, it broke a number of functions and pages. The new version is based on Domino and will allow us to customize the site more to what we need. The site displays well on a Blackberry, but couple of the links needs to be redesigned so that it does not need javascript to run. So take a look and give us your comments.