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CollabSphere 2019 Beauty Contest is Now Open

The new buzz word that has become more and more important is SECURITY. But, why is that? Security should always have been up and front and center. The Domino platform has always been at the forefront in terms of security from its inception. The new HCL Nomad (Domino Mobile App) platform brings this security to your mobile device. But let's face it, Notes apps are ugly compared to modern mobile apps. In June 2019, HCL launched the HCL Design Project called "Template Experience" to transform and modernize select Notes templates. To encourage the Notes/Domino community to unleash the potential of Notes and Domino V10, CollabSphere has joined forces with OpenNTF and launched the CollabSphere Beauty Contest. This global contest encourages you the developer to show your potential in transforming an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. So get your thinking caps on, design skills ready and transform the ToDo template into a beautiful but secure app. Go to https://tinyu