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CollabSphere 2020 Live is Coming Soon

The 12th annual CollabSphere conference is coming soon on  October 27-29, 2020.   The global pandemic affected everyone throughout the world. Rather than an in-person conference, our team have decided to host an online event for 2020. As with our 2020 theme "On the Rise Together," we are bringing everyone together to learn and network. We look forward in the continue growth of our community bringing everyone together to share knowledge and expand awareness in collaboration technology. This year as an online conference the cost is $0.  We will be running the conference using Zoom webinar/meetings wrapped and managed securely using our favorite platform HCL Domino.   Thanks to our sponsors and speakers, we will be able to provide you the CollabSphere experience to you regardless where you are location.  Speakers from all over the world including Asia, South America, Europe, Middle East and North America will be presenting. So join us and register for this global event. https://

From 0 to DONE in 10 - Why Domino is the Ideal Platform to Create Our Low-code solution iPhora Flow

As an application platform, Domino has always been unique and has had the flexibility and capabilities that other platforms can only dream about.  Bundled into one single application server, you have all the components that you need for building and running applications, both in the client-server and web/mobile environment.  On one platform you have: User and Data Security NoSQL database platform Ability to Create Integration Points Flexible Data Structure Scalable Infrastructure Enterprise level application environment All of this can fit into and run in this tiny box that is less than the size of an external hard drive.  Try this with any of the other platforms.  Maybe scale it by a factor of 100? Notes power users were doing low-code decades before it became a buzz word.  In fact Notes users were creating applications, even before most of the companies and software that we use everyday even existed. Unfortunately, Domino has fallen behind.  However, with HCL takin

Building Effective Business Solutions Using Low-code and Engage 2020

I have not blogged in a long time not since CollabSphere 2019.  We have been relatively busy working on projects and on our newest versions of our Domino-based iPhora solutions.  We started working on our iPhora platform over a decade ago with the focus of creating a platform that we would use to help companies automate their complex business processes.  It started as a Lotus Notes-based solution and then went on to become a web-based solution. Further discussions on this later. This leads you into the area that we have been focusing on for a few years.  The low-code market.  Rather than focusing on code and code, we spend more time with the customers on their business, their processes and organizing these processes.  Majority of the time, customers have an overall idea of what they need, but the details are hard to pin down.  That is where we come in. As we all know, effective business applications are critical to the success of any organization large and small.  How fast and cons