Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Final Designs for MWLUG Fixture

The MWLUG Green Project have settled on the final few designs for the conference fixture. The next step is to determine whether these designs can be built using the materials that have been designated by the team as eco-friendly. There is some physics that need to be overcome on some of the designs. The team this week will create 3-D models of the fixture and determine the best approach.

Take a look and express your opinion.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flat Tire Again !

I cannot believe it, but I got another flat tire on my bike this morning going to work. I just replaced the inner tube before I started this morning. Luckily, it happened on the Northwestern University Campus so it was only a mile walk to my office. I patched it up and hope it holds until I get home. If not it maybe a long walk home.

Announcing MWLUG Conference 2009 Special Event

Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a skyline next to none. Its architecture is world class. It took awhile to coordinate, but we are happy to announce that as part of the MWLUG Conference 2009 special event, attendees will be treated to an architecture boat tour of the Chicago river and Lake Michigan on Thursday, August 27. This event is made possible by the generosity of our MWLUG Conference sponsors.

We will embark from the IBM Center after the first day of sessions and workshops to the Wrigley Building by trolley where we have reserved one of the largest architecture tour boats. Below is a brief description of the 1.5 hour Lakefront and Chicago River Tour.

There is limited seating so make sure you register for the conference as soon as possible. If you are coming with your family to the conference, there is also a limited number of seats that attendees can purchase at a specially reduced price for your family members.

Wendella 90-Minute Combined Lake and River Tour
Chicago's most comprehensive boat tour. Our signature tour of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River includes a trip through the Chicago Lock and a live narration featuring an overview of architecture and history.

Many guests who took this tour with their parents return years later with children and grandchildren of their own; each new generation creating new family memories. And while Chicago's skyline has evolved over the years, Wendella continues to provide unique perspectives of the magnificent buildings and architecture along the Chicago River before venturing out to Lake Michigan where guests are treated to a rich view of the entire skyline.

The Combined Lake and River Tour is perfect for anyone interested in spending quality time with family, friends, colleagues or others who have an interest in Chicago's rich culture and history.

New book on Blackberry Application Development

If you are interested in developing applications for the Blackberry mobile environment there is a great new book coming out from my friend, John Wargo. You can find more information about this book at:


Amazon is now accepting pre-orders for this book.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Announcing MWLUG Conference 2009 Keynote Speaker, Ed Brill

We are please to announce that Ed Brill will be the Midwest Lotus User Group Conference 2009 keynote speaker. He will be leading a list of many great speakers that we are lining up for this unique two-day conference.

Friday, June 19, 2009

MWLUG Conference Abstract Submission Alert

If you are interested in submitting a presentation abstract for the MWLUG Conference 2009, you can use the MWLUG web site to submit your abstract. You should receive a confirmation email back to you that we have received the abstract.

IF YOU DID NOT receive a confirmation email, please send it again. There has been a few of times which we have received a blank submission.

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Update to the MWLUG Conference Green Project

Last Monday, the MWLUG Green Project team was able to get a chance to visit the IBM Center in Chicago as part of our GRANITE Lotus User Group June meeting. It gave the team a chance to view the IBM Center in person so that they had a better idea of the surroundings as they develop their designs. Here is a more detailed description of their thoughts and visit.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Lotus Notes 8.5 Training CBT Now Available

ReCor has released their new LearningDocs for Lotus Notes 8.5 training course which includes a whole of new content and features including the expansion of the curriculum designer to include the quick reference cards in the LearningDocs Administrator. Their course books for Lotus Quickr 8.1 will be available also on Monday from lulu.com.

LearningDocs for Lotus Notes 8.5

Sunday, June 7, 2009

MWLUG Green Project Update

The industrial design interns are on schedule for the MWLUG Green Project. On Friday we had our first video conference call since every team member was in a different location.

Visitors to the site will soon be able to track the amount of carbon emissions that was saved using collaboration technology. We were able to accomplished a number of goals. They were able to complete the materials matrix and provide a number of preliminary concept sketches, some which hold promise. If you would like to see the sketches and materials go to: MWLUG Conference 2009 Green Project.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Day Full of Crap

Literally it was full of crap. Last night the toilets in our house start making weird noises and then sewage started coming up the showers and drains. I knew then we had a major problem. I spent the night cleaning up and with no working showers and toilets we went into camping mode. Finally this afternoon, the plumbers arrived after waiting for 8 hours. After they rodded out the sewer pipe we found out the previous owners planted a tree right on top of the sewer line. We can guess what would happen after many years. Sewer line was rooted with tree roots. Lucky the financial damage was not too bad. I spent the rest of the days sterilizing everything.

Monday, June 1, 2009

MWLUG Conference 2009 Registration Back Online

The MWLUG Conference 2009 registration process is back online. Event Brite was having hosting problems. Technology, it works great when it works, but when it breaks it all goes to hell.

MWLUG Conference 2009 Registration Problem

Registration for the MWLUG Conference 2009 is temporary on hold due to problems at Event Brite. Unfortunately, Event Brite host is down.

Midwest Lotus User Group Conference Registration Link

Forgot, here is the link to register for the MWLUG Conference 2009.

registration link

Midwest Lotus User Group Conference Registration is Now Open

The registration for the Midwest Lotus User Group Conference 2009 is now open. The registration includes sign up for the pre-conference two-day Domino 8.5 Upgrade workshop that will be held on August 25-26, 2009. This workshop is limited to the first 30 attendees who sign up for this workshop as part of this conference.

Here is the link to register for the MWLUG Conference 2009.

registration link

CollabSphere 2022 Presentation: COL103 Advanced Automation and Cloud Service Integration for your Notes/Nomad Applications

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