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Nomad Rocks

Finally I have been able to catch a breath. I have been very busy for the past few weeks trying to get ready for the Lotusphere Comes To You. New versions our IBF products are being rolled out and will be demoed at the show. Taishan Works is exhibiting here in Chicago plus also at Toronto. So if you are attending any of these two LCTY stop by. We had a very good GRANITE user group meeting a couple of weeks ago. I would like to thank Teamstudio for sponsoring our meeting. We also like to thank Ron Shoults for demonstrating how to install Nomad. I finally took the time to install Nomad for myself since we do a lot of development and need to check if the products works on both Notes 6.5 and Notes 7. This is very handy for moving back and forward between versions. There does not seem to be much differences between versions, but I must tell you when it comes to UI development there are a number of things that will catch you by surprise. At a later time, I will provide a list of the

Thanks Nathan

It was very nice of Nathan Freeman to post our window launching in a view technique that we developed. He did a nice job in enhancing our technique and using it as part of a help system. Thanks Nathan.

-25 Wind Chill, 4" of Snow and Flat Tire

Yesterday was an ordeal. After leave the office and getting to my van, I notice that my tire was flat. Changing a tire in the dark with a wind chill of -25 F and with 4" of snow and ice is frustrating. The jack kept slipping because of all the ice and twisted out of shaped. It was so cold that the jack kit was frozen and I had to turn on the heat in the car to thaw it out. A 15 minutes job became 1.5 hours. Thankfully, my wife was off work and I was able to change the tire. Nothing like Chicago weather. Now more bad new, need new tires. Can not figure out what I ran over.

Launching a Window from a View

Nathan T. Freeman and Chris Blatnick was planning on presenting an UI technique that we developed for our Integrated Business Framework products at their presentation at Lotusphere 2007 but unfortunately there was not enough time. Nathan and Chris did a great job in demonstrating the importance of UI design. So I am posting it here. Below is a description of how it works and a sample database that demos it. Link It has been tested in Notes 6, 6.5, and Notes 7. Credit to this technique should be given to Robert Burton from our development team. Though Lotus Notes had the tab window concept way before Firefox and Microsoft IE, we dislike how it works because you can open window after window and pretty soon you might have a dozen windows open. If you open a document in a view same thing happens. The user can start losing track of their task. Instead, we wanted the user to focus on the task in hand. You could have launched it in a different frame, but screen real estate is limited especi

Cold and getting colder

It has been a week since I came back from Lotusphere and I already miss it. It is getting colder and colder here in Chicago. It is going to be down to -10F tonight with a wind chill of -30F. It happens ever year when I get back from Lotusphere, the temperature drops.


I finally decided to create my own blog. This site is dedicated to Lotus Notes and Domino, the development of Notes UI, Domino Web development, the use of Lotus Notes and Domino for small businesses, the marketing of Lotus Notes and Domino to small businesses, and whatever I would like to talk about.