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The iPhora Journey - Part 7 - Transforming Domino with Microservices

Most of the concepts that we have been talking about in our iPhora Journey are neither new nor revolutionary. Collectively, they merely represent the current state of the art in designing web applications. In other (i.e., non-Domino) platforms, you would need an array of services each running on a separate server, and you would have to build the integration between the different components and maintain security between all of those components. With virtualization and containers all of the necessary services can now bundled into a single installation, which is helpful, but the integration of those components can still be fraught with issues, especially compatibility between different versions of those services. With Domino all of this is taken care for you: authentication, directory services, security, web services, and database services are all tightly integrated in a single server,  which is an advantage that no other technology offers. While Domino has its quirks and does not support

The iPhora Journey - Part 6 - An Application, Rethinking and Redefining

In our previous articles, we discussed the advantages of using JSON in applications and the importance of being able to effectively process JSON. This leads to the interesting question: what exactly is an application, and the answer to that question may differ depending on who you ask. Most people today would assume you are referring to a phone app, and even then there are wide range of options. A college student might think of apps like Tiktok or WhatsApp, and a person looking for a significant other might automatically think of Hinge or Tinder. All of these people would be able to provide you with multiple examples of apps, and they might be able to list some of the common features of an app, even if they do not understand any of the technical details. In general, a web app today consists of the following four modules, even if the technical details may differ tremendously from app to app: User interface (UI) Database Business Logic Security Now, let's consider what an app is in t