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Showing posts from December, 2011

Must Have Tool Free Tools for Web App Developers

I just ran cross another free tool that Web developers should have besides: - Firebug - HttpWatch I found a tool from Yahoo which is available on all major browsers. YSlow. The nice thing about YSlow is that it helps you optimize your Web page performance. I was looking for is a way to determine the amount of memory that a web page is using and YSlow does just that. Take a look. It is another nice tool from Yahoo.

Two Great LUG Meetings This Coming Week, GRANITE and NEOLUG

Two of the longest running LUGs are having their December Meetings this coming week. NEOLUG will have a December meeting on December 8, 2011. Andy Donaldson who is speaking at Lotusphere 2012 will be speaking at NEOLUG. If you are interested in attending contact Gregg Eldred, Also GRANITE will have their December Meeting next Monday, December 12, 2011. We will have topics on XPages and the IBM Cloud. In addition, our December Meeting is our Holiday meeting with a special lunch rather than the normal pizza. So join us. Contact Bernie Leung at if you are interested in attending. Hope to see everyone at these meetings.