Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MWLUG XPages Design Competition Winner Is

Thank you everyone for participating in the MWLUG 2011 XPages Design Competition. We were hoping to have more entries, but we know it takes a lot of effort for submitters to create an entire application for a competition. We received a total of two entries.

The winner of the MWLUG 2011 XPages Design Competition is Ferry Kranenburg who happens to also be a winner for the OpenNTF Custom Control competition. In addition to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, Ferry will receive from Teamstudio, one development license and 10 user license of their Unplugged solution. In addition, Teamstudio will help convert Ferry's app if possible to a mobile app using their tools. Baiju Thomas will receive a Amazon $100 gift card as runner up.

Special thanks to all our judges and Mike McGarel for running this competition.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This Week in Lotus Live at MWLUG 2011

The TWIL team, Lisa and Darren Duke, will be podcasting live at MWLUG 2011 during lunch on Thursday, August 25, 2011. They will be interviewing a number of attendees and speakers. So stay tune.

MWLUG Conference 2011 Starts Tomorrow And ...

MWLUG Conference 2011 begins tomorrow starting with a trip to the Miller-Coors Brewery and some free samples of beer. Following the tour will be our Evening Reception at the MWLUG 2011 Exhibitor Showcase with food and drinks. There is still time to register if you are interested in coming.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The 10 scariest hacks from Black Hat and Defcon

If you are not scared, you should be.

"MWLUG Lotus Jeoparde" at MWLUG 2011

If you are attending MWLUG 2011 and you think you are great at Lotus trivial, please contact me to be potential candidate for our trivial contest. We are looking for three knowledgeable contestants for our fun and amusing "MWLUG Lotus Jeoparde" event on Friday towards at the end of lunch. We are looking for one IBMer, one administrator, and one developer. Lisa Duke will be our host for this fun event.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top Ten Reasons to Come to MWLUG 2011, Milwaukee, WI - August 24-26, 2011

It is one week until the start MWLUG Conference 2011 so make sure you register. Here are the top ten reasons why your should be attending MWLUG 2011. For your $35 donation you get:

- 40 Technical and Social Business Sessions
- Miller-Coors Brewery Tour and Beer and Beer
- Wednesday Evening Reception with Food and Drinks
- Thursday Evening MWLUG Private Party at Comedy Sportz Club with Dinner, Drinks, and Show
- 50% off one IBM Certification Test
- Open Session with David Cohen from LinkedIn
- Breakfast and Lunch (buffet lunches not box lunches) for two days
- Free XPages Workshop
- Meeting Ed Brill
- And see me make a fool of myself on stage

Monday, August 15, 2011

MWLUG 2011: Using Social Media to build IBM Watson

The IBM Watson-Jeopardy project was a big event for IBM this year and it demonstrated some of the amazing capabilities that IBM technology has to offer. David Via, MWLUG 2011 opening session IBM speaker, will be talking about IBM's vision in Social Business and Collaboration. As part of his presentation, he will discuss how social media played a role in the development of IBM Watson, what tools were used and how. So join us for MWLUG 2011 in Milwaukee, WI next week and learn more about this amazing feat.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Kick Yourself for not entering into the MWLUG XPages Design Competition, Teamstudio Donates a Incredible Package to Winner

I am pleased to announce that MWLUG 2011 Gold Sponsor Teamstudio will mobilize the winning XPages application of the MWLUG 2011 XPages Design Competition using their Teamstudio Unplugged at no cost to the winner and provide the one development license and 10 user license of their Unplugged license for their own use. This is in addition to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet that we are giving away to the winner. Please note that this applies if the winning app can be converted using their Unplugged tools. Judges will start reviewing the entries starting next week.

So if you did not make a submission you should kick yourself.


Monday, August 8, 2011

MWLUG 2011 XPages Design Competition Deadline Extend to Tomorrow Because Of Bandwidth Issues

The MWLUG 2011 XPages Design Competition deadline has been extend to tomorrow, August 9, 2011 at 5:00 PM CST. We are having bandwidth issues and submitters are having problem uploading their submission. Hopefully the problem will be fix soon.

MWLUG 2011 XPages Design Competition Ends Today

MWLUG 2011 XPages Design Competition ends today at 5:00 PM CST. So make sure you submit your entry before the deadline.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

MWLUG 2011 Announcement - Opening Session Keynote Presentation

We are please to announce the MWLUG 2011 Opening Keynote Presentation. David Cohen from LinkedIn will be presenting the open keynote presentation. David who is a very dynamic speaker will cover LinkedIn and the future of Social Media and Collaboration. Joining David later is IBM's very own, David Via who will cover the IBM direction and vision of Social Business. He will then be followed by TJ Witte from Group Business Software.

We would like to thank, Bernie Leung from Mesa Technology for all his hard work in managing the Social Business track and getting LinkedIn to present.

So make sure that you register for MWLUG 2011, http://mwlug.com it is coming up in three weeks.

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