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Is the Lotus Community Nicer?

At Lotusphere there was a couple of interesting comments that a technology reporter covering Lotusphere for the first time mentioned to us when he visited our booth and also by an attendee who was at Lotusphere for the first time. Both commented about how friendly and helpful people from the Lotus community were at the show compared to other non-Lotus events. Both liked the experience that had at Lotusphere. Since it has been a very long time since I attended a Microsoft conference and I have never attended an IBM conference that is not Lotus related are they correct that we are just a bunch of nice guys and gals?

Happy Chinese New Years - The Year of Lotus

Happy Chinese New Years, It is the year of the rat according to the Chinese Zodiac sign starting February 7, 2008. It is the year 4706. But from what I have seen from Lotusphere and from our customers, it is going to also be the Year Of Lotus. With all the new products and services that IBM Lotus is rolling out combined finally with a coherent focus on Lotus and Domino and SMB market, I see that 2008 is going to be a very good year. We currently are talking to customers not only about Lotus Notes, but also on integrating Quickr, Sametime, and Symphomy as part of their business solution. So everyone part of the Lotus community have a properous Chinese New Year. PS. Since I am a rat, this must be a good year.

GRANITE Lotus User Group - February 2008 Meeting

The first GRANITE Lotus User Group meeting of 2008 will occur on February 11. As usual it will be at the IBM Center in the Hyatt Center in Chicago. We will be covering all the Lotusphere 2008 highlights, Lotus Notes with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, hopefully integration of Quickr Connector with Lotus Notes, and a technical workshop on improving the functionality of Lotus Notes dialog boxes. Hope you can join us if you are in the Chicago area. To learn more go to the GRANITE Web site .