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Ubuntu 10.04 is Now Available

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is now available after a small delay. This is the Long Term Support version. The full version of the Ubuntu Server is free. I have been moving all my servers to Ubuntu. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS includes new features like Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) that allows you to build your own private cloud at a relatively low cost. I will be testing it out with Domino 8.51 in the near future and will let you know how that went. I am still waiting for Quickr Domino for Linux. When that comes out I can then phase out all my Windows servers.

Adobe Flex 4 brings UI Development to the Next Level

Last Thursday I attended the Chicago Flex User Group meeting and the topic was Adobe Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4. The Flex 4 framework brings the development of user interface to the next level. With Flex 4 the skinning and layout process is now separate from the individual objects and containers like HBox and VBox no longer exist. The container is replaced with layout definitions that is part of the skin class. It is fully integrated with Adobe Catalyst so applications can quickly be developed. I see a big potential for Domino applications running with a Adobe Flex or AIR interface. As a result of the big announcement that Apple refuses to support Flash on the iPhone, there was definitely an anti-Apple sentiment at the meeting. A couple of Flash developers I know are switching from iPhones to Android because they are that pissed off at Apple. I personally use a Blackberry.

It's Misericordia Day in Chicago so Donate What You Can

Today is Misericordia drive day. There are hundreds of volunteers throughout the Chicago area on street corners collecting donations. So if you are in the Chicago area make sure you donate your change or what you can to them. For their appreciation they will give you a small sample of Jelly Belly and the Heart tag. So you do not have to drive all the way to Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin like Alex Kassabov did to get the sample Jelly Belly bags. Misericordia Heart of Mercy Center is a wonderful organization that help developmental disabled individuals. For more information go to

Announcing the MWLUG Conference 2010 Keynote Speaker

Knowing technology is great, but knowing how to apply technology to grow your business is more important. We are please to announce that the Midwest Lotus User Group Conference 2010 Keynote Speaker will be Scot Rourke, President and CEO of OneCommunity. Scot will present on how collaboration technologies have help OneCommunity build their organization and made it a success. About OneCommunity OneCommunity connects Northern Ohio’s public and nonprofit institutions to each other, to the world, and to leading technology vendors via their fiber-optic network – one of the largest and fastest in the world. OneCommunity enables innovative connections and collaborative solutions with an emphasis on education, health care, government, and workforce development. Utilizing information technology, they are transforming Northern Ohio into a globally competitive region. For more information about Scot go to: For more information a

Damn Internet Explorer, You are a Pain in the Butt

As we started the abstract submission for MWLUG 2010, we ran into a problem with our site on IE 7. Of course, the base tags does not get picked up correctly in IE 7. So if you are trying to access the site using IE 7, switch to IE 8, Firefox, Chrome or any other browser. We are working on resolving this annoying issue.

GRANITE XPages Training Workshop Part 2

Following the April GRANITE Meeting on April 12th, we will be continuing our XPages training session at the IBM Center. Mike McGarel and Roy Rumaner will continue going through Declan Lynch's Xpages training lessons. If you are not on the GRANITE mailing list and would like to attend please notify me as soon as possible since we need to send in the list of attendees to building security. If not, you will not be able to get in.

Evanston Illinois Bids to Become Part of the Google Fiber for Communities

Our offices are located in Evanston, IL home of Northwestern University and a number of other businesses including Taishan Works. Evanston is a great place to work and live with all its culture and activities. Evanston rallying on becoming one of the cities that Google will be wiring high speed fiber as part of Google Fiber for Communities program. Here is a short video of Evanston.

Sponsorship for MWLUG 2010 is Now Opened

If your are interested in sponsoring the Midwest Lotus User Group Conference 2010, please contact me at or Gregg Eldred at We have an exciting conference planned with many technical sessions, workshops, and activities drawing Lotus Professionals from all over. For more information about the conference go to MWLUG 2010