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MWLUG 2012 is open for abstract submission!!!

If you are interesting in speaking at MWLUG, abstract submission for MWLUG 2012 is now open.  This is your chance to speak at a major LUG conference.  Each year we reserve a number slots for new speakers. So take this opportunity to speak at MWLUG 2012.  To submit your abstract goto: Thanks again to Mike McGarel and Roy Rumaner for all their hard work in getting the abstract submission database ready.  Abstract submission will close on May 21, 2012.

Special Thanks to Prominic.NET

I would like to again thank everyone at Prominic.NET for hosting the MWLUG 2012 site again.  Each year they donate space on their servers for MWLUG and GRANITE and many other IBM community sites.  As most of you already know, Prominic.NET is great to work with.  It is IBM Business Partners like Prominic.NET that makes the IBM community so great. 

Introducing the Platinum Sponsor for MWLUG 2012 - 4C Technologies

We are proud to announce the Platinum Sponsor for MWLUG 2012, 4C Technologies who is located in Pittsburgh, PA and has been a long time IBM Business Partner.  Their graphics team of Josh Schmitt and Jackie McClellan has been also helping us create the beautiful graphics for MWLUG 2012 including our web site, .  So welcome 4C Technologies. To learn information about 4C Technologies go to:

Welcome to the New MWLUG 2012 Web Site

Thanks to all the hard work by Mike McGarel with help from Roy Rumaner and Josh Schmitt and Jackie McClellan from 4C Technologies on the graphics, the MWLUG 2012 conference web site is now up and running.  This starts a four month sprint to August 15 in Pittsburgh where we are planning a kick ass conference with many many surprises this year. Abstract submission for MWLUG 2012 will start in a couple of weeks and registration starts at the beginning of May. I hope to see everyone in Pittsburgh at MWLUG 2012.