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Ken Burns National Park Documentary

On most PBS stations across the nation, the new Ken Burns documentary, National Parks, America's Best Idea is now playing. I have been to many national parks over the past years and enjoyed it much better than visiting a beach resort for vacation. My family also enjoy very much visiting our national treasures. However, my wife does not like the Civil War battlefields. My goal is to visit as many national parks and locations. I still have many, many more to go. Here is a list of the national parks, monument, forest, battlefields, and places that I have been to. Which ones have you visited. Abraham Lincoln Birthplace Antietam Arches National Park Badlands (2 times) Bryce National Park Canaveral (2 times) Canyonland National Park Capitol Reef National Park Carlsbad Canverns National Park Cayon De Chelly Chickamauga and Chattanooga Dayton Aviation Heritage (5 times) Devils Tower National Monument ( 2 times) Ellis Island Fort Laramie Fort McHenry Fort Point Gettysburg National Bat

New Notes 8.5 Course Books Now Available

In addition to training courses for the Lotus Notes 8.5 Standard client, 8.5 Basic client, and iNotes 8.5 client, ReCor now has Lotus Notes 8.5 standard client course books available for purchase online, .

MWLUG Closing Session Video

Another Buddha for Ed Brill's Collection

Ed Brill was kind enough to fly all the way back from Australia to deliver the keynote presentation at the Midwest Lotus User Group Conference 2009 a week and a half ago. If you read Ed's blog, you know that Ed purchased and shipped home a 400 pound Buddha from Asia about two years ago. So I decide that as a jester of thanks we could add to his collection. Not shown on the video is his reaction when I pointed to the box suggesting that there was 4 foot Buddha was inside the box for him to carry home.

Pictures and Video from the MWLUG Conference 2009

After spending the past three days landscaping I finally have a chance to upload my pictures and video from the MWLUG Conference 2009. I still have the video of the closing session to upload. However, Youtube has been giving me problems.

Man versus Nature

This weekend is Labor Day weekend. However, it will not be a weekend of relaxation. I have been task by the higher up to get ridden of a yellow jack nest that is right in front of our front door. It explains why I was stung a few times recently. I was going to wait to the late fall to get rid of them when the queen leaves the nest and the rest die off. However, it is in the way of a major landscaping project required by upper management. I am ready with the fogger spray and protective clothing. Let see who wins, Man or Nature.

Announcing Midwest Lotus User Group Conference 2010

As announced in the MWLUG Conference 2009 closing session, the Midwest Lotus User Group Conference 2010 will be held in Cleveland, Ohio on August 19-20, 2010. I hope to see everyone there.