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Quickr Versus Sharepoint Comparsion

Does anyone have a comparsion chart of the features and benefits between Quickr versus Sharepoint. I am visiting a new customer next week. I could not locate anything like that.

Lotus Foundation Branch Office

Last Thursday I attend the Foundation Branch Office Edition which now allows me more control over setting up Domino. It has many of the features that I was looking for over the Start version. However, I was surprise to find out that I cannot use it with Domino express licenses. This seem counter intuitive, Foundations that is designed for the small business market and I cannot use it for small businesses unless they purchase the Domino enterprise level license. If it is only for enterprises then it should not be part of the Foundations family.

October GRANITE Lotus User Group Meeting

Since the second Monday of October is always Columbus Day, the October GRANITE meeting is on the third Monday of the month, October 19, 2009. So don't show up next Monday. We a have an exciting couple of presentations including virtualization of your Lotus environment.