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The iPhora Journey - Part II - Domino, the Little Engine that Could

The iPhora Journey - Part I  - Reimagining Domino We have been working with Notes and Domino since 1995, back when it was still called Lotus Notes. The name "Domino" did not come into the picture until a few years later when the Notes server was renamed. Our company, ReCor, provided computer-based training Notes and Domino, and our course offerings included training for application development, administration, and end-users. After the early 2000's, demand for new installations of Notes and Domino began to decline, along with the demand for training.  At this point we decided to start a new company, one that focused on IT Support and application development, but with an emphasis on Domino. This is how Phora Group began. Our initial problem was that all of our customer contacts were for training, and while the ReCor customer base was extensive and included many very large companies, those customers were already supported by either internal staff, IBM, or IBM Business Partne

The iPhora Journey - Part I - Reimagining Domino

Domino, which is currently owned by HCL Technologies, is one of the most enduring application platforms ever built. It owes its existence to Ray Ozzie, who was heavily influenced by his use of the PLATO system, a pioneering interactive/educational network at the University of Illinois. The first version of Domino (then called Lotus Notes) was released in 1989, and Domino applications from 1989 can still run on the newest version (12.01). You can build Domino applications for deployment on the Notes clients, mobile devices, or Web browsers, and for programming and customization, you can use Nodejs, Java, LotusScript, and Formula language, or any combination of them. Regardless of which programming languages are used, a typical application is usually represented by a single Domino database. However, the IT landscape has changed significantly since Domino was a dominant player in the market. The migration to web and mobile applications using cloud-based solutions has led to the steep decl

CollabSphere 2022, October 19-20, 2022, "Our Community, Our Stories"

  I am please to announce that CollabSphere 2022 will be held October 19-20, 2022. Registration, sponsorship and abstract submission will start the week after next. New for this year is the addition of the CollabSphere Discord channel where the conversation and learning starts before and after the conference. All attendees are invited to join us. We will have online activities on Discord so make sure you join. The conference is about you and your story and we want to hear your story. More about this in the near future. The cost for CollabSphere 2022 will be $150 USD with a discount of $150 USD for the total cost of $ 0 USD. Thanks again to the folks at for hosting our web site.