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MWLUG 2012 Abstract Submission Ends Today

Today is the last day to submit your presentation abstract for MWLUG 2012.  If you are interested in submitting an abstract, please go to: before the end of today.

The Great Linux Experiment, My Adventure Away from Windows

Since October 2011 my home network has been plagued by slowness in the network.  I suspected that I had some type of malware on the network or our wireless network was compromised.  Each time I scanned the computers I would find Trojans.  After removing the Trojans, everything worked for awhile and then it started slowing down.  Something was stealing my bandwidth.  Even after performing rootkit scanning and removal, drive cleansing, and even replacing the routers and new passwords and security settings the issue would come back. So finally I was fed up and decided to see if I could replace Windows with Linux for my home use.  I had already move most of our servers to Linux at work.  The concern that I had was that I would not have all the tools and applications that I normally used in a Linux environment.  I decided to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Desktop to replace my Windows operating system.  If it did not work, then I can cleanse the drive and then reinstall Windows if I had too.  I

MWLUG 2012 Registration is Now Open

Registration for MWLUG 2012 is now opened.  Sorry for the slight delay.  Technical issues you know.  To register for MWLUG 2012 goto: . 

MWLUG 2012 Abstract Submission Extended to May 31, 2012

As requested to help our friends with their busy schedules, the deadline for abstracts has been extended to Thursday, May 31 at 5:00 PM. So there is still time for you to submit your MWLUG 2012 abstract !!!  See everyone there. MWLUG 2012 Abstract Submission