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Making Technical Support Easy with Correct Browser Detection including IE11

In an ideal web application world, all your users are using the same version of the same web browser.  Unfortunately, this is not the case even in the corporate environment.  One of the most painful things to do is trying to diagnose browser specific issues and trying to determine the version of the browser that the user has.  Even if you tell your client that it is only guaranteed to work on a certain version, you still get someone using a different version.  So instead of constantly contacting the user or the IT department to determine their version, we decided to integrate browser detection logging into our iPhora logging process which tracks all user access and activities.  Therefore, when a user complains that they have an issue, we could easily look at the log and determine what browser and what version that they are using.  We incorporate that into the RESTful API to get an accurate return of browser info. However, IE 11 as many knows does not return the correct information us

Domino <===> Scott Adams

Again this year, I did not attend IBMConnect. Last year it was for personal reasons, this year it did not make sense given the direction that I see IBMConnect heading towards.  However, I really appreciated that IBM had a number of sessions live and recorded on Livestream for me to watch.  What I really miss is not the sessions, but seeing the people within our community. But that is OK since I will most likely see them at ICON and MWLUG. And I always have Twitter.  The most compelling session for me was the OGS with Scott Adams.  To me what Scott Adams said about himself was a reflection of what I feel about Domino/XWork.  As he mentioned in his presentation, he is not the best in anything he does, like drawing. He practices and tries and eventually become better at it.  That is how I feel about Domino/XWork. We have been looking into other server technologies and see what we are missing.  Should we venture off into another server platform? Domino is not fastest compared to other te