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Heads Up, Sponsorship Packages for MWLUG 2012

Sponsorship Packages for MWLUG 2012 is going out today.  Many previous sponsors have already asked to sponsor again.  So the slots are going to fill out fast.  If you would like to be a sponsor for MWLUG 2012 and would like to get the sponsorship package, make sure you contact me as soon as you can.

Great Little Linux Program - Clonezilla

Over the weekend I was trying to use Ghost to create a image of a hard drive that was having issues.  After hours and hours of trying to get Ghost running with the right drivers, I abandoned it and tried a open source solution called Clonezilla.  It does not have a fancy interface, but is worked great.  It does not do increment bare metal images but it was far easier than using Ghost.  It just works.