Monday, December 22, 2014

What Does it Mean to me to be an IBM Champion

For the first time ever I was selected as an IBM Champion for 2015.  I honored to be selected.  I would like to thank everyone who nominated me and selected me.  I have been given this honor but it is the ICS community that should accept the honor.  Without our wonderful ICS community events like MWLUG can not happen.  When Gregg Eldred and I started the MWLUG conferences, neither of us thought  it would last this long.  But it has been the wonderful community that includes not only IBM Business Partners like myself, but IBM Customers, and IBMers that make everything possible. It is this community that motivates me to spend a significant amount time to help organize this event.  I have been involved with many different communities, but nothing compares with what I have experienced in the ICS community.  The passion and the willingness to help each other is unprecedented compare to any other technology community.

As members of the ICS community, we are passionate about the products, whether is it Domino, Connections, Sametime or any other products in the ICS community. I have seen countless products come and go some super cool, but there is no other products out there in the world like Domino.  When Ray Ozzie created Lotus Notes, I can't imagine he thought this product would still be here 25 years later.

With the recent security breaches and all sorts of security issues, it really shows how advance Lotus Notes was when it came out. Surprisingly is still head of the curve and state of the art compared to all the new stuff, but that will be another future discussion.  There is no other product that is 25 years old and still on the cutting edge. Yes we have our complains and I have many, yes it is the not the fastest nor the coolest, but each time you think that Notes/Domino has been knocked out, it comes back and this is thanks to us the ICS community and our innovations.  I will be at IBM ConnectED 2015 this year for the first time in awhile.  So come and introduce yourself to everyone in our great community.  Everyone, thank you again and I look forward to another year being part of this great community.

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