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Working with Twitter Bootstrap in Creating Widgets

It has been a long time since I have blogged on a technical subject matter.  With MWLUG, iPhora, and family it has been very busy and every time I wanted to blog about some technical subject, time does not permit it.  Now that the office next to us is under construction this morning, it is a bit hard to concentrate on work. I have decided to blog on a subject matter that is of interest to many, Twitter Bootstrap. I have talked about using Twitter Bootstrap in my applications in the past and I abandoned it because of its complexity.  I was interested in using Twitter Bootstrap as a responsive design framework.  However, I found that it was easier for me to use my own responsive design framework and Twitter Bootstrap was put on the shelve. Since iPhora uses Dojo, all the widgets were Dijits which are a wonder piece of engineering, but they are also very complex and big.  I had already minimized the number of Dojo and Dijit modules that I needed to run the interface of the iPhora prod