Friday, May 1, 2009

Domino Web Pages and Blackberry Bold

I got my new Blackberry Bold this week. It is great. However, there is one problem I that cannot seem to resolve. Web pages from a Domino server that has the home page defined using Internet Site Document will not show up on the Blackberry Bold browser and I get "connection refused." On my old 8700c this was a not problem. If I type in the URL directly, I can display the web page. Has anyone encountered this problem?


Dragon Cotterill said...

Ooooh, now this is a new one. Always interested in finding new things.

OK, heres a few question I need to get to the bottom of this. Do you have Domino logging enabled? If so can you post up the request that the server is receiving for the page? Are you access the server directly or through a proxy? I assume this is the built in browser. Have you tried Opera mini to get to the pages?

I'm trying to determine if it's a server config problem (needs proper config'd site docs for the whole domain, not just the home page) or whether it's a BB Browser issue.

(I work for a small sooty coloured bumpy fruit in the Software Development Support area)

Domino Interface said...


Thanks for your support. The access is direct, there is no proxy. I will have to check with my admin to see if Domino logging is enabled. This is the built-in browser for the Bold. We have four different Web sites on that server all with the same problem. We are wondering if we missed something in the internet site document, though my admin said that there is not much to configure. No, I have not tried the Opera Mini. My 8700c default browser did not have this issue when displaying the web pages from these sites.

Dragon Cotterill said...

There is no reason why the phone should NOT show you the page requested. If there is an error then that error will be shown.

What I suspect is happening here is there might be a slight issue with your Internet Site documents.

Are you allowed to say where the web pages are, so we can have a look at them? Can you post a screen shot of your Internet Site docs? Bit hard to make a diagnosis when the patient doesn't give me the symptoms. :/

If needs be, email them to dragon(at)anime(dot)org(dot)uk.

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