Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lotus Traveler Issues

Implementations of Lotus Traveler works great on Android phones with the exception of one issue that we have discovered. Attachments! If you want to forward an email with an attachment, you must download the attachment first and then reattach the attachment to the message that you are forwarding. If not, the attachment will not be included. This has become an issue with a CEO of one of our clients who moved off his Blackberry and discovered that his attachments are not forwarding. Lotus Traveler seems to work like Notes in that it need to download the attachment before it forwards the message. This is not a good idea since handheld devices have limited bandwidth and memory. It is not even a good idea for Notes. IBM need to change this. Blackberry devices only include a pointer to the attachment and not the attachment itself so that when you forward a message with an attachment the server takes care of rest. This is critical when you have large attachments. As a result, the CEO is moving back to the Blackberry.


Anonymous said...

We have the same issue with truncated messages.

If you forward or reply to messages that is truncated, its the truncated msg that is sent. So the received end of the user is nto getting the whole history.

I reported the issue with IBM, but it came on a "if enough people complain about it, we might do something with it" list.

Natalia said...

I faced with same problem & will be very thakfull to you if you solve it!

Natalia said...

I faced with same problem & will be very thakfull to you if you solve it!

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