Thursday, August 21, 2014

Announcing the MWLUG Outreach Program Recipient for 2014 - Kid's Food Basket

As many of you know MWLUG is not just about building knowledge of IBM solutions and networking with our fellow ICS community members, it is about being part of the community.  This is one of the reason we move MWLUG from city to city.  It is about getting to know your local community whether it is in your town or a different town.

Each year we have a fundraising drive for a local community organization in particular a local food bank.  This year with the help of Devin Olson our boots on the ground, we have selected Kid's Food Basket as our MWLUG 2014 Community Outreach Program Recipient.  We will be raffling off a weekend stay at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel as the grand prize along with signed copies of Virgil Westdale's book.

Please take the opportunity to help feed the needy kids in Western Michigan.  Each raffle ticket is $10 and you can buy them at the registration desk starting Thursday morning.  We will announce the winners on just after the Speed Sponsoring on Thursday afternoon.  We can no longer use Eventbrite for the raffle so please bring exact change.  For ever $1 we raise we will provide 5 meals to kids.

Kid's Food Basket
"One in four children experience hunger in West Michigan.  Kids' Food Basket is a force for attacking childhood hunger, ensuring that lunch is not the last meal of the day for over 6,000 kids at 32 schools in Grand Rapids and Muskegon.  Sack Suppers are well-rounded evening meals that provide nutrition critical to the development of the brain and body."

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