Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Top Ten Reasons for Attending MWLUG 2013

MWLUG 2013 is almost upon us.  Starting next week close to 200 members of our IBM community will be descending the town of Indianapolis for knowledge, networking and beer.  Here is this year's Top 10 Reasons why you should join us.  There is still time to register for MWLUG 2013 and the hotel. 

Number 10

  • Find out how many gray hairs Richard got planning MWLUG 2013 this year 

Number 9

  • Find out how many kegs of beer MWLUG 2013 attendees can consume

Number 8

  • See if you can get a one of Catherine Emert (Prominic.NET) famous chocolate cookies

Number 7
  • Beer with friends 3 nights in a row!

Number 6
  • Meet 200 people with similar passion

Number 5
  • Learn how fast MWLUG 2013 Sponsors can speak at Speed Sponsoring

Number 4
  • Learn the true meaning of the word "Social"

Number 3
  • Meet the many IBM Champions and IBM Community contributors who have donated their time and resources to help educate our community. ( Make sure you buy them a beer.)
Number 2
  • Attend The World According to Gregg and Darren AKA "Gregg and Darren's Excellent Adventures" presentation

And the Number 1 Reason for Attending MWLUG 2013

  • Attend opening general session presentations with Josh Bleill and Scott Souder 

MWLUG 2013 Sessions

MWLUG 2013 Registration

1 comment:

Ray Bilyk said...

Number 11 - The First Annual (I hope) MWLUG Beerfest Competition!

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