The Last of Its Kind, Extinction in the Making

A few years ago at Lotusphere, I picked up a number of Lotus Software hats.  Just like the Lotus brand which is fading away into the sunset, all my Lotus Software hats have been lost or have been damaged.  My favor was the Lotus Domino 8 cap which was lost on a trip a few years ago.  Now I am down to my final Lotus Software hat.  I have decided to not wear it since it is the last of its kind and I will preserve it for the archive.  But as the Lotus brand is now extincted, so will everything associated with it.  Maybe in 30 years, I can go to the Antiques Roadshow and ask how much it is worth.  Maybe I can then finally retire from the proceeds of the sale.


Ray Bilyk said…
Yeah... get in line! I've got about a dozen hats (and still accumulating) that I'm going to use for my retirement...
Let's hope we both get rich!!!
Wait, this is not unique? There goes my nest egg.
Erik said…
Why don't you "donate" it to the Lotus Museum (
Keith Brooks said…
looking in my closet I see a 2006 and 2008 hat and an R5 logo hat and a yellow Lotus hat with my name embroidered on it I believe from when I spoke in Finland one time in 2000.
Black, Blue, Red, Yellow.

Remember when they used to give out a shirt or hat when you filled in your evaluations?

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