Join Us at MWLUG for the "Responsive Web Design Mashup"

Are you using or looking at responsive web design for developing mobile or web applications, using it with XPages, Dojo, jQuery, PHP, Ruby or other tools? Come join us for the "Responsive Web Design Mashup" at MWLUG. I will be leading an open discussion on the use of responsive web design; talk about the different responsive design frameworks developers may use; and how developers are applying responsive design to both web sites and applications. I will be joined by Martin Ridgway from Perficient who will be presenting NT102: Getting Down and Dirty with Responsive Web Design on Thursday, August 16, 2012.  So after learning more about Responsive Web Design in his session come to this BOF and share your thoughts.  This BOF will be held at the Sternwheeler Room at 7:00 AM on Friday.

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Mike McGarel said…
Responsive design is listed near the top of the 15 design trends of 2012
<a target="blank" href=">according to .Net magazine</a>.
Anonymous said…
One problem for Responsive Web Design is that advertisements are not fluid. But search advertising and display advertising support specific device platform targeting and different advertisement size formats for desktop, smartphone, and basic mobile devices, and different landing page URLs can be used for different platforms. So this can be part of a solution. It seems wise to compare "one-site RWD", "same site, with separate mobile URL", and "separate mobile site" approaches.

Alexis, thanks for your comment. If you are incorporating advertisement into your web site that holds true. However, most corporate web site and applications will not. Advertisement on a mobile device is problematic regardless whether you are using responsive design or not. Facebook is an example where advertisement has become ineffective in the mobile environment. Over time, I believe that even advertisement will become responsive in nature. How it is done we will see.
Anonymous said…
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