First Experience with Lotus Traveler and iPhone

Today was the first time we set up Lotus Traveler with the Apple iPhone. It took us a bit to find the documentation that we needed. However, I was surprised to how smooth it went. The Lotus Traveler team did a good job.


Palmi said…
Hi Richard - is that on Iphone 4 ? i just sold mine 3G wating for Iphone 4 over here Palmi
belgort said…
Same here Richard. Traveler is awesome stuff.

It is on an iPhone 4.
Unknown said…
Don't forget, Traveler is also a sweet package when connecting your Droid to your Lotus mail (although at this point, you need NitroDesk's Touchdown application, too). :-)
Unknown said…
And don't forget that using Traveler with NitroDesk's Touchdown application gets you Lotus Notes mail on a Droid (until the next release of Traveler). :-)
Graham Dodge said…
But can you get the iphone to replicate "Forwarded/Replied" marks on email that you process on your iphone back to your server mail file?

It replicates the handles "Read/Unread" marks ok but not the flags for whether a mail has been replied to.

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