Moving from Notes Client to iNotes Client

Over the past few months for one reason or another, I have been accessing our email more and more using the iNotes 8.51 client instead of the regular Lotus Notes client. From my experience, I must said that I am very impressed with the performance and functionality of the iNotes 8.51 client. The iNotes team has done an impressive job in making the experience is some ways even better than the Lotus Notes 8.51 client. For one thing it sure comes up much faster.


Keith Brooks said…
This is VERY true of late for me as well. However there are some issues which I would like to resolve before going whole hog.

Sidebar apps in iNotes, not quite same process, if at all, possible to install.
Browser issues usually from Firefox but not IE7. Not many but recent FF crashes make me wonder if another FF updaste is imminent.
ACL issues still are a problem, need some way to resolve from the web side, especially for apps.
Mail Rules work but more flexibility in client.
But these are nitpicks on what is generally still a far superior experience over OWA and Outlook and immensely over Exchange.

I have not used the iNotes sidebar. I don't use it much with the Notes client but I would be nice for having the Web apps accessible on the sidebar.

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