Friday, January 9, 2009

Quickr 8.1 Fixpack Installer Frustrations and Anger

You would thing that IBM with all its engineers and developers would be able to come up with an fixed pack installer for Quickr that would work seamlessly. After, trying to run the fix pack installer for two hours which keeps hanging up, I had to revert to copying individuals file. Of course, I made a mistaking in copying a file into the wrong directory and overwrote another file with the same name because the directory was named the same in many different locations!!!! Now I have to redo the Quickr server. Am I missing something. This whole process is a simple file copy and replace. Why is it not possible to write code that works. 4 hours of time down the drain.

1 comment:

Keith Brooks said...

not sure which fix pack you are using but they did finally go to an automated version 2 fp releases ago and the newer ones require minimal effort on the admins part.

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