Thursday, August 7, 2014

Virgil Westdale Book Signing at MWLUG 2014

The MWLUG 2014 OGS Guess Speaker will be autographing copies of his books "Blue Skies and Thunder" after the OGS.  He and his co-author, Stephanie A Gerdes will be on handle to sign their book.  The cost of hardcover copies is $30 and for the paperback copy, $ 20.  We ask if you would like them to autograph a copy that you donate $10 to our  MWLUG 2014 Outreach Program designated Grand Rapids food bank.  We will also be raffling off a few signed copies.  The raffle donation will also be $10. All the proceeds with benefit a Grand Rapids food bank. Please bring exact change.  The OGS is a bit shorted this year in order to give everyone an opportunity to get a signed copy of the book. 

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