Wednesday, August 28, 2013

MWLUG 2013 Wrap Up

MWLUG 2013 has come and gone. It was one of the best MWLUG conferences that we ever had. Josh Bleill and Scott Souder were great presenting at the OGS and if you missed Darren Duke's presentation, you missed one of the highlights of MWLUG 2013. The food was great and the Grand Hall where the OGS, exhibitor showcase, and food was served was unbelievable.

If you missed Catherine Emert's assorted cookies that she brought to MWLUG 2013 at the Prominic.NET booth, then you must wait another year to experience that.  Some one whom know who you are, beat me to the chocolate ones.

The Indy Speedway Museum and Tour was fun.  We had over two dozen participants .

Thank you to all the great speakers who donated their time and resources to speak at MWLUG 2013. It is you who make the MWLUG one of the best collaboration conference around. 

Thank you to all the incredible MWLUG 2013 Sponsors who make the entire conference possible. 

Special thanks to Ray Bylik for organizing the first annual MWLUG Brewfest Charity Competition on Wednesday. We raised over $500 for the Salvation Army Oklahoma Tornado Relief Fund.  This event was sponsored by CDW. Thanks to Rupert Clayton, Keith Brooks, and William Smith for judging this competition.  They definitely got their share of beer.

Everyone had a great time at the Rock Bottom Brewery and we all forgot to ask for a tour of the brewery.  On well. We had about 100 attendees show up for this event.

We also raised over $800 for The Gleaners Food Bank in Indianapolis. Also, Mike McGarel did an exceptional job on the web site while Sam Bridegroom was outstanding in helping us in getting Josh Bliell and organizing parts of the conference. The other volunteers made the entire process run smoothly. 

The Crowne Plaza Hotel - Union Station staff was great especially when things came up in the last minutes. Presentation slides and information will be posted soon.  All attendees will be get a link to available presentation slides and also to speaker evaluations.

MWLUG 2014 will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan in August 2014. Actual dates will depend on hotel availability. More information coming.  So see everyone in Grand Rapids.


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Ray Bilyk said...

Thanks to you, Richard (and family), plus Sam and the rest of the MWLUG VOLUNTEER staff for running another outstanding event!

Thanks also to Gregg Eldred for providing the $100 gift card to Northern Brewer Homebrew Supplies for the Beerfest Competition!

See you all in Grand Rapids... if not sooner!

Until then, here are a couple of YouTube videos to tide us over:

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