New Dojo Tutorials

The great guys at Sitepen have created a series of new Dojo tutorials. They are available at . As a Domino developer starting or already developing in XPages it is important that you understand Dojo. You will need it to create things that you will not get with XPages. Also by knowing Dojo you are not tied to the Domino platform and gives you additional skills that you can use on other platforms.


They are available where?
How come when I add rhis blog too Google Reader it transforms to the blog of someone named "Pankaj". I find that objectionable content!
Url I am using:
Unknown said…
So, where are they at? They are available at...
test said…
cannot see link to the tutorials... ;-)
test said…
cannot see the link to the tutorials... ;-)

It seems that the link got wiped out when I published it.

In regards to the Google Reader, I tested it out and you are correct. I have no idea why it is doing that. I apologize if you were offended in anyway. I scanned the site and there is not mention of the word "Pankaj" I am wondering if this is an issue with Google. I am investigating this and trying to determine the cause.

Some damn person hijacked my feed. I am resetting it right now. Thanks for letting me know.
WARNING, The hijack feed has a virus on it. Google is failing in to virus check the blogger sites. I have reported the issue to Google.
I would have sent you a mail, but cannot find a link anywhere. Is this on purpose?

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