Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back From MWLUG and Ford Windstar Is Crap

I am back home from MWLUG at Cleveland and just as I was almost home, the transmission for my Ford Windstar craps out. Luckily, I have AAA to tow the car to my mechanic and that I was close to home. If I was on I-90 this would have been bad. I looked on the Web and all the signs points to the transmission. It seems that Ford Windstar all have problems with transmissions going out because of the torque converter or the pump. Of course, Ford has refused to recall it. But the end results, is you need a new transmission. I was a fan of Fords until now. This is the last time I am buying a Ford.


Jerome Carter said...

Oh man. Same story with Dodge Caravans. We had our transmission go out three weeks ago. I opted for a re-manufactured replacement at added cost because it came with a 3 yr 100,000 mi warranty. $2732 out the door. The brand trans our shop here put in it was Transtar - he says he's used them for a long time with no problems. Best of luck with your repairs!

Domino Interface said...


Just got the estimate for the transmission from my mechanic, Rick, $2020.00. No too bad considering. Hope it last longer than the one from Ford. Only had 67,000 miles on the van. Of course my extended warranty just expired this year. I am amazed on how many problems I have had with this van. He is going to rebuild it using the parts that he know are good.

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