Friday, July 2, 2010

UX Pages Project Update

The integration of Dojo into my UX Pages Project has been moving steady along for the pass few months. The current version of Dojo in Domino 8.51 is 1.32 and has certain limitations that hopefully will be eliminated in Domino 8.52 with a version upgrade of Dojo. This has been a huge learning curve for me with many dead ends.

I have added Dojo objects and Dijit form, field, comboBox, check button, radio button, spinner box, filteringSelect, and button widgets into the UX compiler engine. A Dijit widget control can now be represented by a simple UX xml tag. For example, for a simple field,

when compiled will become:

It will automatically add the dojo.require("dijit.form.TextBox") statement into the html and add links to the Dojo, Dijit, and Dojox javascript library.

Domino data is now surfaced as Dojo objects using XML and JSON using Domino agents. Long terms wise, I would like to create a Dojo Domino data store object that can create JSON and XML data stores directly from the Domino views. Can be done but a lower priority since it requires me to go deeper into the architecture of Dojo which I do not have the time.

I am planning to add data grid and more Dijit and DojoX widgets for the next version of the UX Pages Project and clean up the UX compiler code. In addition, I am in the process of separating the database that creates the UX Pages from the database that the web application runs on. Currently, the UX engine is in the same database that the web application runs and that violates my design policy of separating the interface from the data. Also, I am hoping to have the ability to create and select different UX projects and enhance the archiving capability which still has a few bugs.

The knowledge that I have gain helps me in developing XPages applications. Yes, I should be doing all my Domino Web applications using XPages, but where is the fun.

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