Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MWLUG 2010: Domino, Notes, Adobe, Flex and Giveway

We are fortunate enough to have two great sessions on integrating and developing Adobe Flex applications with Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes at MWLUG 2010. Justin Hill from Prominic.NET and Jerry Carter from Teamworks Solution will cover both beginning and advanced topics on using Adobe Flex with Notes and Domino.

In addition, thanks to our Contributing Partner, Adobe Systems, we will be giving away two copies of Adobe Flash (Flex) Premium which retails for $700.00 at each of the sessions. We would like to thank Kevin Hoyt from Adobe Systems for this generous donation to MWLUG 2010. So if you are interested in learning more on how to work with Adobe Flex and Domino and get a chance to win a copy of Adobe Flash Premium come to these two sessions. Register at

Domino Applications with Adobe Flex
Speaker: Justin Hill - Staff, Prominic.Net
Notes and Domino provides a RAD environment that is like no other tool. However, creating Notes/Domino applications that competes with modern UI interface from other vendors can be a challenge. Find out how you can combine Adobe Flex and Domino to provide users a modern UI interface that competes effectively while giving Domino developers new tools to extend your new and existing Domino applications.

Advanced Flex
Speaker: Jerry Carter - Senior Consultant, Teamwork Solutions
New to Flex or trying to get more out of it to extend your investment in Notes Domino? We'll look at the following useful tips which will extend your capabilities: - Two way communication between the Notes Client and Flex (aka "a hack") - N ways to get data into your flex movie (multiple native and third party approaches) - Advantages of housing the flex html in your Domino application (ties in with data integration nicely) - Optimizing your flex movie (a deployment tip for over coming the "flex is slow to load" objection) - Some Demos (integrating with Notes client, integrating with Data, custom controls)

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