Friday, July 23, 2010

MWLUG 2010 and Vacation

I am back from vacation. We had a wonderful time in Minnesota. We visited my son who is interning in Minneapolis this summer. Afterwards, we went up to Duluth and Grand Marias near the Canadian border. It is very beautiful up there and peaceful. The last time I was up here was for a client meeting. We did hiking at Gooseberry Falls State Park, Cascade Falls State Park, and Jake Cooke State Park. It was refreshing compared to the terrible traffic of Minneapolis. Construction delays were amazing. The traffic was equal or worst than Chicago and we are very bad here. Maybe next time, I will bring my bike and bike the 120 miles between Duluth and Grand Marias.

Being on vacation, gives me time to reflect on what is important. It is not the Lotus technology and what is the coolest technology, but family. It amazes me every single day how wonderful my wife and kids are. It is with their support that make my professional life possible.

Anyway, now that I am back from the wilderness, there is a host of major announcements relating to MWLUG coming this week.

Today, it is all day of interface design and rich internet application design at RIAPalooza 3 here in Chicago. IBM is absent again in this conference. Microsoft and Adobe and others are here.

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