Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quickr Versus Sharepoint Comparsion

Does anyone have a comparsion chart of the features and benefits between Quickr versus Sharepoint. I am visiting a new customer next week. I could not locate anything like that.


Keith Brooks said...

See Duffbert's posting:

You saw Ed's recent post from this week I am sure as well.

If Integration is important, we integrate better to SP.

What the customer wants to do is important as well as Quickr can bring a company into Web 2.0 better than SP but again context is the issue.

I try to provide an ROI of 90 days or less for Quickr projects. Sharepoint can involve hardware and infrastructure costs depending on how they want to roll it out.

Replication for remote locations might be a good selling point as well as Quickr with DAOS can reduce network traffic and disk space usage.

Domino Interface said...


Thanks for the information. I must have missed these two posting. I need to take a look.


Domino Interface said...


Unless I missed something, neither posting really cover a comparison between SharePoint and Quickr.

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