Monday, October 19, 2009

Lotus Foundation Branch Office

Last Thursday I attend the Foundation Branch Office Edition which now
allows me more control over setting up Domino. It has many of the features
that I was looking for over the Start version. However, I was surprise to
find out that I cannot use it with Domino express licenses. This seem
counter intuitive, Foundations that is designed for the small business
market and I cannot use it for small businesses unless they purchase the
Domino enterprise level license. If it is only for enterprises then it
should not be part of the Foundations family.


Robert Baehr said...


If you want to maximize the use of the Domino Web Server seamlessly on the Lotus Foundations platform, take a look at this:

Robert Baehr
The Unofficial Poster Child for Lotus Foundations, Lotus Notes, and Domino

Domino Interface said...


I am confused how your comments related to the state of the Foundation Branch Office. This is just a marketing comment.

Jorgen Faye-Lund said...

I agree with you but then I understand where IBM is coming from. Nitix(What Lotus Foundations was called before) was bought and then continued under the IBM umbrella with some independence. That has caused this to be two separate products within IBM.

What I like to see is an upgrade path from Express to Foundations. I don't think the customers will understand that they have to buy the license twice for the same product. After all, the customers only see the Lotus Notes client as the frontend.

I will make a comment of this if we are accepted into the 1.2 Foundations beta program.

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