Recovering from MWLUG 2009 and Summary

It has been a great two days at the MWLUG conference. I could not believe how tired I was after the conference. I actually lost weight. For me this has been a great experience. It took much more of my time than I expected. However, this was a team effort involving IBM staff, other Business Partners, Sponsors, and IBM customers to make it happen.

The volunteers and the staff at the IBM Center in Chicago including Donna Hunter, Alan White, and Joanna Bick were great. Thanks to all the speakers who presented at the conference some of who which came from great distance under bad weather conditions. Thanks to Ed Brill for flying all the way from Australia overnight to present the keynote. I hope he enjoys his Buddha and add it to his collection. Attendance was very good. Almost everyone came. Unfortunately, there was a few that had to leave just when they got to the conference because of emergencies. There were a few who could not make it at all because of issues. It seems like there were many server upgrading going on.

Everything went much smoother than I was expecting. The MWLUG fixture, the "Wings of Collaboration" survived the move. The box was accidentally dropped a few times, but it made it.

Most of the keynote presentation will be available on YouTube soon thanks to Keith Brooks. The first part of unfortunately got cut off.

We were worried about the heavy rains that we were having on Thursday, the day of the architecture boat ride. However, for a period of 4 hours the fog and rain stop and we were fortunate to have a great double-decker bus ride and boat ride. I forgot how low the bridges are. Don't raise your hands when riding on the top of the double-decker bus. If not, you will not have any. It was a bit cool but we took what we could. A bit less than half of the attendees came with us. Most were concerned about the rain and did not come.

Right after the boat ride a few more people joined us at the Hyatt Regency for drinks and food. We also had a couple of party crashers which we kicked out. Everyone was there to about 8:30 PM. They closed the bar and eventually forced us out. Many continued their drinking at the Hyatt bar some way past midnight. Some took the time to visit other events that were going on downtown.

I will be posting pictures and videos of the conference on the MWLUG site sometime this week. If you have pictures or video that you would like to contribute, please send them to me. We will have available many of the presentations on the MWLUG site over the next couple of weeks as we collect them.

Thanks to everyone who attended, the great sponsors, the great speakers, staff at IBM, and volunteers. Everyone is part of the Lotus community and building the Lotus community make everyone a success. See you next year.


Keith Brooks said…
I only missed you and gregg intro's, got all of Ed. But the vid is over 3gb, not sure youtube will let it in.

Thanks for everything, it went real smooth from my perspective and you guys did so much for me and everyone else. I will blog it later but took the weekend off and now cleaning up customers so maybe mater today.

Thanks for taping it. I took the entire weekend off and I think Gregg did too. I slept for 10 hours which is extremely abnormal for me. If you can put it on a server somewhere so I can download it that would be great. A friend of mine is a video production person and he can reduce it down so that we can put it on YouTube. Thanks. Good to see you and everyone else.

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