Friday, July 17, 2009

My Office Brought to You By Lotus Yellow

This morning as I was riding my bike to work around the lakefront and received a number of messages that I needed to address immediately. The signal along the lake is spotty. So the took out my T41 and did all my work disconnected with my Lotus Notes applications that I had on my laptop plus I made a few changes to the design of the MWLUG conference application that I had a local replica on my laptop. When I got a better signal a little later I replicated everything and everyone is happy. As a result, my contacts did not have to wait for me to get to my office and then make the changes. Remember, time is money.

Microsoft and Google. That is the power of Lotus technology.


Domino Interface said...

Also if anybody is wondering. That is a Lotusphere 2008 backpack.

Unknown said...

Richard, while you are changing the MWLUG website, remember that they changed the name of the Sears Tower yesterday. Now we have to start calling it the Willis Tower.

Domino Interface said...


I know, but it is like changing the Empire State Building to something like Goldman Sachs Tower. It will always be Sears Tower to me, just like I call Macy's, Marshall Field's.

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