Monday, February 24, 2020

Building Effective Business Solutions Using Low-code and Engage 2020

I have not blogged in a long time not since CollabSphere 2019.  We have been relatively busy working on projects and on our newest versions of our Domino-based iPhora solutions.  We started working on our iPhora platform over a decade ago with the focus of creating a platform that we would use to help companies automate their complex business processes.  It started as a Lotus Notes-based solution and then went on to become a web-based solution. Further discussions on this later.

This leads you into the area that we have been focusing on for a few years.  The low-code market.  Rather than focusing on code and code, we spend more time with the customers on their business, their processes and organizing these processes.  Majority of the time, customers have an overall idea of what they need, but the details are hard to pin down.  That is where we come in.

As we all know, effective business applications are critical to the success of any organization large and small.  How fast and consistency you create these applications is critical to how effective your organization responds to the ever changing business environment. A big and growing market has been the no-code and low-code market for which Lotus Notes was at the forefront. Like everything in this world nothing stays the same. There are now many players in the no-code and low-code market with many even in Domino world.  Along with a list of other low-code solutions for Domino, HCL Digital Solutions is coming out with their Domino Volt solution this year.

The honorable Rob Novak and I are speaking next week at the annual Engage 2020 conference on this topic.  Our session is entitled "The Lowdown on Low-Code: What Every Developer, Admin and Manager Needs to Know." We will discuss with the audience about the low-code market and what it means to you as a business user, power user, developer, administrator and manager.

As part of this presentation we would like your feedback on what you think about low-code. So we are running a quick 3 minutes survey to get your feedback.  Please help us. Thank you for your participation.  Rob will put on his magician's hat and maybe you will be transported to the Land of Magic!!!

See everyone at Engage 2020.  There is still a few slots left.  So get registered.

Low-code Survey,

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