Wednesday, March 28, 2018

IBM Think and Beyond and More

I originally did not plan to go to IBM Think 2018. However, at the last minute I decided to go and I am glad that I went. Though my heart is in the ICS collaboration space, I spent the majority of my time attending sessions related to IoT, GDPR, Watson, and security. This is our focus with our IBM Domino-based iPhora platform. I attended all the Domino sessions of course.

I am excited and energized by the renew focus on Domino with the IBM/HCL partnership and all the new capabilities that Domino has always had. It is the best application platform around. Regardless of what other vendors say, there is nothing like it. With the new capabilities coming with Domino v10 and beyond, my head in spinning with numerous product ideas some of which are coming out sooner than you Think.

The User Community Day was great. It allowed me to not only see everyone in the ICS community, but also other non-ICS champions and users. I had a chance to talk to others that I would probably not have done if it was not for this User Community Day. Hats off to the entire IBM Community team.

The community generated I AM viral campaign is great and we need more of that.

My favor image from IBM Think

My contribution to the community generated I AM campaign.

IBM has indicated that they have a renew commitment in the marketing of IBM Domino. Andrew Manby of IBM is hosting Ask Andrew and Destination Domino: Our Journey Continues. . More information about Domino v10 and the future will be coming from IBM/HCL as the year progress.

For me, the next stop is Engage 2018 which is being hosted on SS Rotterdam from May 22 -23. Hopefully, I will be selected to speak at Engage 2018. Regardless, I will be attending Engage 2018. So sign up for Engage 2018 and submit your abstract.

And of course there is CollabSphere 2018 formerly know are MWLUG, July 23-25, 2018 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Not only have we changed the name but expected some new and exciting things to come.  Registration and abstract submission for CollabSphere 2018 starts April 2, 2018. So see everyone in Ann Arbor Michigan.  Our theme for CollabSphere 2018, X and Beyond.

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