Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Help Protect Child Information Privacy by helping Phora Group become a Chase Mission Main Street Grant Recipient!

As advocates of child privacy, we ask everyone in the ICS community to help us.  We are applying for 2015 Chase Mission Main Street grant and we need your vote.  As many of your know, our iPhora Touch technology is based on XWork /Domino and we would like to bring this technology to K-8 schools and ensure that students and teacher information is not be recorded and create iPhora Touch for Education.
Please read below the description on what we are doing.  Unfortunately, you need a Facebook account in order to vote, but every vote counts.  Let's help protect our kids privacy.
There are many cloud-based social collaboration products that offer free services to schools for teachers and students to use in their classrooms. The age-old adage "nothing is free" really does apply in this situation. Many of these "free" services come at the cost of privacy. Information that is shared and exchanged between students and teachers is collected and aggregated for corporations’ marketing use.. As advocates of child privacy, we want to provide schools with an alternative solution, one that keeps our students’ and teachers’ information private. We plan to utilize our iPhora Touch technology to create a K-8 collaboration system so that schools have a private and secure social platform in which teachers, students and their families can exchange and share information without being tracked and analyzed for marketing information. We plan to work with local elementary schools in our area and, with help from foundations, create and provide this platform to schools at no charge. We would like to use half the Chase Mission Main Street Grant towards developing this version of iPhora Touch: iPhora Touch for Education. So please help us make this become reality and vote for Phora Group.

go to: https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/b/67177

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