Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Domino <===> Scott Adams

Again this year, I did not attend IBMConnect. Last year it was for personal reasons, this year it did not make sense given the direction that I see IBMConnect heading towards.  However, I really appreciated that IBM had a number of sessions live and recorded on Livestream for me to watch.  What I really miss is not the sessions, but seeing the people within our community. But that is OK since I will most likely see them at ICON and MWLUG. And I always have Twitter.  The most compelling session for me was the OGS with Scott Adams.  To me what Scott Adams said about himself was a reflection of what I feel about Domino/XWork.  As he mentioned in his presentation, he is not the best in anything he does, like drawing. He practices and tries and eventually become better at it.  That is how I feel about Domino/XWork.

We have been looking into other server technologies and see what we are missing.  Should we venture off into another server platform? Domino is not fastest compared to other technologies, it is not cool compare to nodejs, its HTTP thread is small compared to other technologies, its NoSQL technologies is limited by the 64GBytes file size and 32K limits, view indexing should be redesigned, each time I talk to someone they make fun of me for working with old technology, with the exception of the Windows version the SSL technology is old and so on and on. 

But as Scott Adams said, I am OK with that, because just like Scott Adams, Domino/XWork is flexible. We can and do build on top of what we have and that is the key!
  • SSL not up-to-date, proxy it with Nginx server
  • Need bigger database infrastructure, create connectors to CouchDb or MongoDB
  • Need more threads, get a bigger server, it will still be smaller than a Websphere-based server
  • Need bigger field sizes, use MIME
  • and so on
Because of its flexibility, we as a community will figure out a method to address any limitations.

But one thing that cannot be beaten if IMPLEMENTED CORRECTLY is SECURITY.  So when others are making fun of me using Domino, I ask them how is security implemented and you know what a majority of the developer say, oh the admin handles that or why do you need that level of restrictive security. In today's world, that is the wrong answer. Again, just like NoSQL, Domino was and will be ahead of its time if that makes sense.

So as I move forward on learning, tailoring, and improving Domino/XWork for our needs, just like Scott Adams, we are improving what Domino/XWork can do and more some and when someone ask me why I am using Domino/XWork, I tell them because it is the best and meet the needs of all my current AND future customers.


Unknown said...

What has your experience been with nginx?

Are you using it as a reverse proxy and/or ssl termination?

Any real gotchas?

Mike McP said...

Ideally, rather than implement a round picture of someone's face in Mail Next, IBM could figure out how to eliminate the 64k bottleneck.

Just sayin...we shouldn't need to backend a database platform into another database platform.

Domino Interface said...

Russell, I am planning on it. I have not tried yet. A number of others have already done it and it works.

Domino Interface said...

Mike, I wish that too, but I don't see it happening.

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