Announcing the Location of the 2014 Midwest Lotus User Group Conference (MWLUG)

If you are not planning to go or not go to IBM Connect this year, there is going to be two great LUGs within the United States, one of which is MWLUG 2014.  As was announced at MWLUG 2013, the location for MWLUG 2014 is Grand Rapids, Michigan.  MWLUG 2014 will be the sixth conference that we have organized, thanks to an army of organizers, speakers, and volunteers from IBM Business Partners, IBM Customers, and IBM staff.

This is the third MWLUG that will be held is a grand historic and landmark hotel and close to the Amtrak station of that city. If you did not know, I am a big fan of rail travel.  In 2012 it was the historic William Penn Hotel.  In 2013 it was at the historic Crown Plaza Union Station Hotel.

After months of negotiations, I am please to announce that the site for the 2014 Midwest Lotus User Group Conference will be the Amway Grand Plaza on August 27-29, 2013. The Amway Grand Plaza was built in 1913 and in 1925 was rated as "One of the Ten Finest Hotels in America".

We are very excite to have MWLUG 2014 at the Amway Grand Plaza and with Grand Rapids being the Beer City USA you know what that means. Beer Beer.


I am really hoping to make it this year. The time keeps conflicting with taking kids to college and such, but I think this year I can do it.

Hope you to see you there.
Ray Bilyk said…
Did someone say 'beer'?
Ray Bilyk said…
Did someone say 'beer'?
Ray there is a special beer in the brew. More to come at MWLUG 2014
Unknown said…
When will the registration be opened? I for one want to go again this year!
Victor, it will be open in May 1. I am trying to get the sponsorship package out and finalize the web site for speaker submission which is tentative to be April 14, 2014.
John Coolidge said…
When will the speakers get announced?

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