Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend MWLUG 2012

MWLUG 2012 is the one of the biggest LUG events in 2012 for us within the IBM community.  And here is the top ten reasons why you should attend:

10) To learn what a community is all about
9) To learn if any of the attendees saw a ghost at the Pittsburgh Haunted Ghost Tour
8) To learn if any of the Friday Night Arsenal Bowling participants get higher then 150 after a few drinks
7) To meet the Turtle and listen to his stories about Lotusphere
6) To learn the true platform of social collaboration, BEER!!!!!
5) To check out how many white hairs Richard Moy got from organizing MWLUG 2012
4) To meet Paul Mooney
3) To see if you can match the partying capacity of Kim Greene 
2) To listen to one of Darren Duke's many thousands of interesting stories

and the number one reason for attending MWLUG 2012 ...

1) To see what obscure brands of beer Gregg Eldred will drink at MWLUG 2012

So there is still time to register for MWLUG 2012 and find out the true meaning of MWLUG 2012.

To register for MWLUG 2012:  http://mwlug.com/mwlug/mwlug12.nsf/Register.xsp

Reminder the new discounted hotel for MWLUG 2012 is the DoubleTree Hotel which is less than 2 blocks away from the Omni William Penn Hotel.  For more information go to:



Amy Hoerle said...

Great List! Looking forward to a fabulous conference. Thank you Richard and Greg for all of the hard work you do!

Darren Duke said...

It'll be hard to beat a Horny Goat. So to speak.....

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