Thursday, August 23, 2012

MWLUG Is Social and Community

MWLUG 2012 was held last week at the Omni William Penn Hotel.  It was the most attended MWLUG so far.  Hopefully, next year in Indianapolis we will exceed this year's attendance.  We as IBM professionals talk about Social Business and Social Collaboration, but it is venues like MWLUG and other LUGs where the true sense of social occurs.  It is friends and colleagues meeting together for a common focus.  Even competitors at MWLUG were meeting together and having lunch.  It is all about us humans as a social beings.  Making some like MWLUG possible requires the efforts of many within our community including IBM Partners, Customers, and IBMers plus volunteers and others.  I would like to take the time to list all those who were involved, some were in the background and did not attend MWLUG 2012.  I just hope I did not miss anyone.  Special thanks to 4C Technologies and Sherpa Software:

MWLUG Committee
Richard Moy, Gregg Eldred, Barb Skedel, Susan Hosek

MWLUG Event Committee
Richard Moy, Barb Skedel, Susan Hosek

MWLUG Session Committee
Richard Moy, Gregg Eldred, Barb Skedel, Bernie Leung, Lisa Duke

Web Site
Mike McGarel, Roy Rumaner

Josh Schmitt, Jackie McClellan

LUG Team Leaders
Ray Bilyk, Sam Bridegroom, Lisa Duke, Gregg Eldred, Scott Good, Tom Hillebrand, Jim Kersjes, Tom Markovich, Denny Russell, Barb Skedel, Shabana Wollin

Event Planner
Bill Fox

Email Marketing
Scott Sullivan

Cary Youman and his team, Jim Brungo and his team, Kami Bollwitt and her team, Marvin Vastbinder, Joyce Davis, Lisa Learned

Leann Moy, Allen Moy, Lily-Moy Chin, Kon Chin, Dan Hosek

Pittsburgh Technology Council

MWLUG 2012 Sponsors:
MWLUG 2012 Speakers
Amy Hoerle, Andrew Barickman, Andy Donaldson, Arif Jaffer, Barbara Skedel, Benedek Menesi, Bernie Leung, Bill Malchisky Jr., Brian Moore, Carlos Casas, Charlie Brown, David Leedy, Denny Russell, Graham Acres, Gregg Eldred, Kathy Olek, Jalpresh Tailor, Jeremy Hodge, Joanne Bick, John Beck, John Head, Jon Schultz II, Julian Robichaux, Kara Francis, Kim Greene, Lindsay Patross, Lisa Duke, Louis Richardson, Luis Guirigay, Mark Roden, Martin Ridgway, Mike McGarel, Olaf Boerner, Paul Mooney, Peyton McManus, Phil Dipieto, Ray Bilyk, Richard Sharpe, Roy Rumaner, Roy Holder, Rupert Clayton, Russell Maher, Ryan Baxter, Sharon Haver, Steve Pitcher, Tony Holder

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